Here's What is at the Bottom of the Deepest Hole on Earth...

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In the year 1970, Soviet scientists began one of the greatest and most ambitious drilling and mining experiments in human history. In the Kola Peninsula, a drilling project started which would go on to reach farther down into the Earth’s crust than any other in history, setting a Guinness World record that still stands today.

Even now, over twenty years since the cessation of all drilling activities at the borehole, which has since been welded shut, it’s remembered as a grand science project which brought about great scientific discoveries, as well as rumors, myths and legends of the type that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern horror movie.

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Americans: "we're going to the moon!!"
Russian: "we're going to hell."

Author — Jay D


Thank god they stopped... I wouldn’t want to see my ex crawling out

Author — Christopher Henry


It's 4 am and I intentionally searched for this

Author — Craig Stethson


They should dig a new hole in 2020 and make the year even worse lmao.

Author — MPK


This is where all the socks from your dryer go

Author — Grant Zelenick


They feared the hole would open a portal to Hell to allow demons on the earth? I got news for you... the demons are already here and have been here. You just can't see them.

Author — Joshua Silva


I tried this when I was 7 I got down to 3 ft

Author — Dave Smith


When I was a kid i allways use to think about digging a hole, and wondering if it would go to the other side of the planet🤔

Author — D B


i don't think Russians used "miles" to measure the distance.

Author — Dorin Mocan


Plot Twist: They found rare diamonds and gems, enough to make the entire team rich. So, they quit drilling and gave an excuse to the news and government, cashed in the diamonds and retired. #itspossible

Author — Rob Smith


Hell is real. Seek Jesus while there’s time.

Author — Didi


I think they should open it back up and keep on drilling to the otherside.

Author — Patricia Kirk


The Best to prove if he Legend is true or not, is to drop another microphone down the whole and make another recording.

Author — Ken Kates


Maybe thats a magma sound because of its heat try heating a water at the kettle it will make a sound

Author — Helder Señoron


They where digging straight down

*Angry Minecraft player noises*
Edit: turns out thanking for likes ain't good :/

Author — Polaris123 Lol


Theoritically, at some point eventually scientists will hit molten rock formations due to high temperature

Author — sri ram


Someone propably had mentioned this but the screams of hell thing has already been debunked. It is actually edited and a layered sound sample taken from Baron Blood.

Author — Kermit 5


I'm out with my pick axe tomorrow getting them diamonds 😂😂

Author — Best-Bully's Scotland


*_"That was my favorite mug."_*

*_"Now it's in the hole."_*

Author — •Soviet Boba•


Imagine how worthless diamonds would be if everyone could dig 6 miles in the earth in your back yard

Author — Khord