Kazakhstan's Nazarbayev steps down as President after 30 years in power | Dw News

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After 30 years in power Kazakhstan's president Nursultan Nazarbayev announced that he's stepping down. He has led the oil-rich nation since 1989, when it was still part of the Soviet Union. He said he would continue to chair the Security Council and remain leader of the main party in parliament. But the move means that his parliamentary speaker automatically assumes the presidency, at least for now.

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Kazakhstan is a dictatorship.

People need more attention in order to promote democratic reform in Kazakhstan.

Author — ID TW


He will still pull the levers behind the scenes. BTW, his personality cult became even more bigger.

Author — Kazakh Doge


Resign? He would be still calling the shots from the grave.

Author — Oothmansah Abdul Alim


"I was forced to leave the country" :/ Easiest way to win, eliminate the competition.

Author — Technique Zeke


Same as any other leader in the territory, same blood line with dictators.

Author — Al Demir


Now in the west of Kazakhstan (Zhanaozen) for a month there are manifestations, people are asking for work. There is no connection with them, the armed forces were sent there. In December 2011 they (power) shot at peacefully striking workers

Author — Saule Kali


did he know he will be next target ? lol, i respect you sir

Author — sorry not you


sir Akezhan Kazhegeldin is a smart and wise person. As he understood what family of Nazarbayev is, he left his office. That what smart people would do. I am really disappointed by the decision of renaming the Capital city's name and

Author — Yernar Sembekov


While his daughter became 2 nd person in Kazakstan😀

Author — Nurik Nazarmambetov


Investigate all his bussiness dealings everywhere

Author — Good Day


We believed that wish to be recently the-son of the sun, oui oui oui ,
We created my duty. Off course, loan globe and other things...

Author — Takuto Azia


There's problems in Kazakhstan. Transport for one. It takes very, very long. Because Kazakhstan is big.

Author — Nate Marx


Nazarbayev Bloody cunning mafiosi. Please help us the citizens of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev is selling the land of Kazakhstan to China, Nazarbayev has destroyed all the real opposition. In prisons of Kazakhstan torture prisoners.

Author — Сакен Шалкет


Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the

Author — Ralph Carlo Pimentel


He just doesn't have son to give his throne and kingdom

Author — Ulvi Huseynov


...and all other countries are run by little girls!

Author — Милен Димитров


The head of our local resident's association also resigned but tried to hang on to power for two years. It's a result of a combination of arrogance and senility.

Author — David Harris


No hope for change. New president is just his puppet. They even want to rename new president to "Nursultan Nazarbayev". Speachless.

Author — Lala La


Nazarbaev crazy dictator and blood killer

Author — Nikollo Makiavelli


Акежан Кажегельдин такой же вор как и Назарбаев. Кажегельдин первый казахстанский коррумпированный вор.

Author — Mike Sydneys