Woman molested on Banglore Street in New Year Night - Shocking Video | Manorama News

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Video footage showing two men on a scooter blocking a young woman's path, getting off and then groping her just hours into the new year has emerged as a chilling testimony to the accounts of mass molestation on New Year's Eve+ that have shaken up India's IT capital Bengaluru.

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Yehi koi ladka ladki apni marzi se kiss kar rahe hote to sale sab k sab aa jate unko marne

Author — Sumit Kumar


this is the only thing I am scared of when I think of my GF, Sisters whenever they go out. That is why I always try to accompany them to wherever they go. but we can't do that all the time :(

Author — Himanshu Singh


This world badly needs some cruel law against this types of animals.

Author — SuRaj Dedhia


wo jo peeche khade chakke dekh rhe the kisi mei himmant nhi thi ke ye sab rok sake...
jin kutto ne ye kia hai unhe pakad ke goli maar do...

Author — Mohit Singh


joke - 95% our movies revolve around men kicking goons and bad guys . how about some reality ?

Author — vaishan avi


It is clearly visible there are at least six guys on three scooters...all of them on a new year high going around molesting girls. The guys on other two scooters are not bystanders but partner in crime. All of these 6-8 guys need to be arrested ASAP and interrogated. I am sure this girl was not the only one they molested that night. Once arrested, their name, photo, family member names and address should be published in all the newspaper and around every street for public shame. That auto driver also need to be arrested as he absconded from the scene as soon as he sensed what is about to happen and probably has not come forward yet. Such spoiled brats bring shame to Humanity.
One major step that can be taken is that the various MNCs whose working population has actually led the foundation of Banglore city as we know today, should come forward and take a stand that such behaviour against their human resource is not acceptable and if the state govt. is not able to provide a safe and secure environmemt for their employees then these MNCs should start shifting from Banglore to somewhere else.

Author — Chharing Namdol Bodh


She wasn't even wearing anything 'short'. Blame the shortness in you upbringing not our clothes!!😠

Author — Lora Shagus


this is insane... feeling ashamed of being a man.

Author — Arjun kumar jha


These two are not alone, Look at the whole goddamn team behind, these MFs are organised and planned, even the autowala is involved, I am damn sure

Author — Digvijay Parmar


Along with these bloody molesters, who else should be more ashamed ??
those who were standing at a distance watching all

Author — Saurabh Mazumdar


Mass molestation happened on 31st December night and police did not take any actions. Home minister of Karnataka said it happens because of the female clothing and all bullshit. This incidents follows on 1st Jan 2017 night.
Now who should be blamed people of Karnataka, girl for walking alone or Congress govt. which failed to take control of law and order situation??
I personally feel that Congress minister should be handed over pink panty for his shamefull remark he made against women..

Author — amit j81


Spectators bhi un ladko k frnds honge tabhi saale help k liye nhi aaye., ....

Author — nishu


this video is soo disturbing. Bangalore has become a very unsafe place for women. The worst thing is that the auto guy, who dropped the girl there, he saw all of this and still went on his way. where has humanity gone? why are people afraid to help others?I am pretty sure if anything would have happened to that girl, that same auto guy would join a protest against this, but he wouldn't help when he could. this is very shameful to the society. our government should take strict action against such molesters. people should be scared to even look at a girl inappropriately.
#wishtoseeasafebangalore #wishtoliveinasafecountry.

Author — vinisha rao


What the heck is going on in our world. They should be get punished severely

Author — arjun dhanush


The pedestrians are ridiculous!! Morons just standing there nd watching!!

Author — Ritika Sharma


If this was an Indina movie, ,,, she will fall for the guy and they would live happily....

Author — How To Do That


what the hell are doing those people are they getting sleepy

Author — Vamsi Krishna


there were four by standers who watched the whole thing and did nothing.cowardice is prevaling need to do some dangal for self confidence in these situations

Author — Ahrar Zain


Does these guyz do the same with there mother and sisters

Author — sush mita


2:43 in night . why the hell are you girls out of your home . asking for disaster on a holiday. even when you know the dangers out there

Author — D C