Pakistan Air Force displays mannequin of downed Indian pilot | DW News

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Abhinandan Varthaman is a national hero in India. The Indian pilot's plane was shot down in Pakistan during a standoff over the disputed Kashmir region. Seized in Pakistan, returned to India, Abhinandan Varthaman, and his trademark handlebar mustache, became an instant star. But now, the Pakistani Air Force has opened an exhibition in the PAF Museum featuring a statue of the Wing Commander and items from his capture. Pakistanis are flocking to the gallery, drawing anger from across the border with India.

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India has a big museum for 93000 Pakistan soldiers called bangladesh

Author — Suraj Tirukoti


Funfact:every country has an army, but in case of pakistan, their army has a "country"!🤣

Author — ankit


If we choose to display defeated Pakistani soldiers we would have to create a city

Author — stairway to heaven


Wish they show the house of OSAMA Bin Laden with same enthusiasm...

Author — RSV


maybe India can make mannequins of the 90, 000 pak troops captured in 1971 oof

Author — Open Sesame


जली गांड़ का इलाज हो सकता हैं ।।।
पर गांड़ू पाकिस्तान का नहीं ।।।

Author — TECHIE RK


This is hilarious actually.
It's something you would see in North Korea. I was definitely not expecting Pakistan to pull one like that.

Author — OHM-968692


😂😂😂😂😂 well now we know why their children are brainless

Author — atomic


Indians are crying in shame what pakistan is doing to them.

Author — fahad ali


India should have made 93000 statues of pakistani surrendered soldiers ~

Insha Allah ~

Author — Amir Khan


Where is Osama house in Pakistan
Is they displayed that too?

Author — Sunil suvrajit


Remember, this is the very same country that refused to take back the dead bodies of their soldiers during their Kargil war in 1999 in order to hide their involvement and embarrasment and the Indian Army had to bury "their" soldiers on "Indian soil" with full rites. Years later, Pakistan accepted that they were involved directly in the Kargil war and that they indeed sent soldiers from their Northern Light Infantry regiment to capture the Kargil heights in Ladakh.

Author — Raktim Kalita


We also have one such museum, its called Bangladesh

Author — swetab singh


stay quite when your enemy is on the wrong way

Author — Abhijeet Swarnkar


Both countries got independence on the same day
One country reached mars
Other one still trying to reach Kashmir


Author — Rahul P


There is NO curfew in entire Kashmir. Pl show the video dated November 15, 2019. Normal life. Except Pakistan is not allowed to use media to create disturbances.

Author — peter123


Allah Kassam. In Pakistaniyo se zada chutiya koi nahi deakha😂

Author — Abhay chauhan


We could have done that same thing but we do not have place for 93000 mannequin.😂

Author — Suvam kumar Sarangi


😂 Peace be up on all.
wisdom for All.

Author — Ashish Koul


Where is second pilot? Where is second fighter jet debris

Author — Refferal Code