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Abhinandan Varthaman is a national hero in India. The Indian pilot's plane was shot down in Pakistan during a standoff over the disputed Kashmir region. Seized in Pakistan, returned to India, Abhinandan Varthaman, and his trademark handlebar mustache, became an instant star. But now, the Pakistani Air Force has opened an exhibition in the PAF Museum featuring a statue of the Wing Commander and items from his capture. Pakistanis are flocking to the gallery, drawing anger from across the border with India.

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जली गांड़ का इलाज हो सकता हैं ।।।
पर गांड़ू पाकिस्तान का नहीं ।।।

Author — TECHIE RK


अगर भारत ने ऐसा मुसीएम बणाया तो 93000 पुतले बनाणे पडेगे

Author — garry john


We retaliated in bright day light after open public announcement
We locked the targets in Indian Occupied Kashmir and released the videos afterwards
We have the Jet remnants
We captured the indian pilot alive and rescued him from mob attack
Indian Pilot himself endorsed the professionalism of Pak Airforce, and did not return from his statement even after going back to India
We even returned the Pilot in full decorum and protocol
What sort of people are you indians.
After reading indian comments, my firm believe on our Quaid's two nations ideology has been augmented.
I am so much thankful to Allah Almighty that we got our own country where we can live independantly Al'ham'du'lillaah...

Author — Junaid Hashmi


India will remember this fiasco for years to come,

Author — usman710


Apart from everything The TEA was fantastic...come again 😂😂😂❤️🇵🇰

Author — ali Ahmad


Every hunter keep his hunt leather in his museum.

Author — Bhool Yaad


Make a museum of Karachi's port ( operation Trident) of 1971

Author — PKN 123


stay quite when your enemy is on the wrong way

Author — Abhijeet Swarnkar


We indians should keep 93000 pak soldiers like that in museum in 1971 war. But we left them

Author — Sivaji Sakhireddy


Sorry We Can't Afford that ...
For us it would be 93000 Museums 😆💪✨

Author — Vikram Singh Meena


They should had made one of Kalbushan Yadev who won the Case in ICJ because of that amazing one rupee lawyer .. real hero Kalbushan Yadev who is now being used by ISI .. Kalbushan Yadev is only doing this for Bharrat jaanu



Wish they show the house of OSAMA Bin Laden with same enthusiasm...

Author — RSV


What's happened with soldier behind Abhinandan 😂😂

Author — gauravkohli84


Yara Kabhi peshawar bhi Ao hamesha LAhore sy Wapas chale jate ho😁🤣

Author — Mr haadi


Thanks to PAF for immortalizing IAF pilot WgCdr Abhinandan by installing his mannequin in their museum for having shot down PAF F - 16.

Author — Trueme sure


😂😂😂😂😂How was the Tea?
Tea was Fantastic 😂😂

Author — Shazain Baloch شاہ زین بلوچ


Remember, this is the very same country that refused to take back the dead bodies of their soldiers during their Kargil war in 1999 in order to hide their involvement and embarrasment and the Indian Army had to bury "their" soldiers on "Indian soil" with full rites. Years later, Pakistan accepted that they were involved directly in the Kargil war and that they indeed sent soldiers from their Northern Light Infantry regiment to capture the Kargil heights in Ladakh.

Author — Raktim Kalita


Tea was fantastic
27 February always remember

Author — Shami 777


This is hilarious actually.
It's something you would see in North Korea. I was definitely not expecting Pakistan to pull one like that.

Author — OHM-968692


mere Laure ka naam Pakistan
thanks for this appreciation

Author — Nikhil Ahir Rao