Kazakhstan Athletics Indoor | August 2018 | Moments | ᴴᴰ

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Kazakhstan Athletics Indoor | August 2018 | Moments | ᴴᴰ4.5
Long Jump, High Jump, Running and moments between races.

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Must be Jello, cause Jam don't shake like that. 😀

Author — Thomas L.S.


Omg..Is this athletics or a beauty pageant?

Author — omar reynoso


Athletics Some Girls are looking georgious!

Author — Shubham Mittal


Well i am not suprised Kazakstan has pretty good looking women.

Author — kakibackup2 Koujo


power without people wise
trouble with damage twice

Long jump lands on sand sun
Hamstrings glutei made foot run

Author — Rehan Qureshi


Is Such type of dress is necessary for this game

Author — Hassan Khan


wondering to anyone living in this country how common is Islamic headwear in Kazakhstan, going on this it seems this country is a modern moderate country. About 70% Muslim.

Author — joeagius66


some day they might run naked like they use to in greek, I want get to see it, it will take another hundred years for society to grow up

Author — onlythewise1


Kazakhstan beautifull 😘😍😍. INDONESIA ✋

Author — Rialsakj Jdjdbxh


there appears to be a Y and any number of X's in the chromosomal make up's of these .

Author — Rob Roy


From what I have read, the leading export of Kazakhstan is potassium.

Author — kendo4242


Thanks. I learned a lot about Kazakhstan from this video. I thought the country was predominantly Muslim/Asian but apparently it is ethnically more Russian and Western European. Also, athletics is an important element of their culture, something that shows cultural diversity.

Author — David Daring


If u could remove the music & the males, this video would be Incredible super awesome/

Author — 97warlock ismyname


#231 I could spank that and kiss it better 😍

Author — Christophe Outdoors


Kazakhstan? Their athletic uniform should be Borat style swimsuits!

Author — Tom


who is the high jumper # 15 with pigtails having purple die at the ends?

Author — Christopher Darbonne


Why everything’s in Russian and not in Qazaq?

Author — dj___


What is your theme song from the beginning from?

Author — Fan Made Videos