Left, Right & Centre | Rajinikanth's Political Debut Cancelled: The U-Turn Explained

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First the big political announcement, then an even bigger U-turn. What explains this Rajinikanth flip-flop? Is there more than what meets the eye? We debate on Left, Right & Centre.

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Finally he realised it would b very difficult for him to b a superstar in politics. Health issue is just an excuse. Surely a sensible decision. Wish him all the best.

Author — Madhavan T


That man's health has been questionable even when he was younger. In his movies, he is acting virile and active, and his stunt doubles misled his foolish fans that he is healthy.

Author — dickson0007


3:20 ....U North medias are exactly a big big pimp.. always glorifying RAJINI... How u call a person THALAIVA even he is scared to start a party... He is UNFIT for POLITICS....
Do u know how much his RMM members worked for it?... How much amount they spent for RMM?... They voiced out against DMK ADMK NTK BJP but now RAJINI cheated them.... Loss for his RMM members

Author — ajay anandh


RajiniKanth finally said RajiniCan't 😋

Author — Indra Deva Bhakt


Three weeks ago, he said he was not afraid of his life .but now, he says he is concerned about the fluctuation in blood pressure .
Then why did he appoint two persons to mange his party?

Author — Stanly Doss


Rajinikanth could never had made an impact in tamilnadu. Hardly he would have secured 2% votes had he contested. He was forcefully dragged into politics by stupid persons like gurumurthy, rss and bjp. It's a foregone conclusion that he will face a severe drubbing if he involves directly or indirectly

Author — Sukumar Cgs


Is Word "Thalaiva" relevant anymore?

Author — Vjn


Fact is, It's late. We expect him on 1996. When he become close to Bjp, he lost the support base. He was seen as outsider. Fact is, he can't even become an MLA. He understand the reality in advance.

Author — best value


Good that Rajinikanth realised BJP ploy.... they tried thru RSS Gurumurthy and failed

Author — Subbu S


Kasturi with her put up accent is good as super star concealing his reluctance to enter politics

Author — 2pradeepika


Now will NIA and ED gets lined up in front of Rajnikant's house 😂😂😂

Author — narayan


Except Mr. Ram, no one in the debate doesn't know or understand the ground politics in TN state. NDTV should bring people who knows TN politics.

Author — Naa Nallamuthu


Ram & Dhanya Dhanya both are sensible 👍👍

Author — Selvakumar


தலைவா giving தலைவலி.. head giving headaches

Author — MrNarenk


A leader is one take on the spot decision.His reluctance at every turn proved that he doesn’t have leadership skill.

Author — Muthar Ariacuddy


As the saying goes - Don't Say Yes When You Want To Say NO. Hope this is final?

Author — Manjula Shanmugasundaram


Finally puppet show called " rajni political entry" propped by right wing groups has finally ended.
For last 10 or 15 years, image of rajni as a some sort of demi god of TN was carefully planted by reporters and journalists belonging to 3% groups, who have been sidelined in TN for last 50 years, in english media.

People of TN always were very clear that they may like rajni on screen certainly not as politician.
TN will be always be led by dravidian idealogy 👍👍

Author — New Begining


Do you know what is really saddening?
The lack of intellectual politicians over some overhyped Actor. We are not in 1920, one is capable of educate himself on the subjected field and participate for it.

Author — Manav Protim Buragohain


One of the reason for Rajanikant's U turn is the recent strained relation between Al AMDK and BJP .



Marathi'🤡'Rajini சொல்ரான்❗️fans கேக்ரான்❗️☝🏾

.. இப்போ இல்லனா எப்போதும் இல்ல❗️; எப்போதும் நா உன்மையை தான் பேசுவே, என்னால் இப்போது மடியாது, எப்போது முடியும்மோ அப்போ வருவே❗️👌🏾

.. மாறனும் எல்லாமும் மாறனும்; ஆனா என்னால் இப்போ மாத்த முடியாது, முதலில் நா மாறனும்❗️✊🏾

.. Aanmiga’ஆரசியல் நடக்கும்❗️; நா அரசியலுக்கு வர மாட்டே, எனக்காக் அந்த ஆண்டவனே அரசியலை நடத்துவார்❗️🤘🏾

.. கண்னா ! இது.. இது.. இது.. ஏப்படி இருக்கு❓🤗.. ஹா🤣 ஹா🤣ஹா😂.. 👍🏾👏🏽👌🏽

Author — NK’ B