1 dead after crash involving 30 to 40 vehicles shuts down part of Hwy. 401 near Kingston

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One person is dead after a multi-vehicle pileup that has shut down Highway 401 west near Kingston, Ont., Sunday afternoon, according to Ontario Provincial Police.

OPP, Kingston Fire, and Frontenac Paramedics responded to a collision in the westbound lanes of Hwy. 401 between Hwy. 15 and Montreal Street just after 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

Between 30 and 40 vehicles — including passenger vehicles and tractor trailers — were involved in the crash, according to an OPP news release.

OPP said Kingston Police and the local Red Cross are coordinating their resources at a warming centre at Rideau Heights Community Centre.

“Stranded motorists not involved in the collision are being remove from the highway by Kingston City Transit buses and taken to a warming centre,” OPP said.

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Every year we have snow and every year ppl forget how to drive in It.

Author — LFT.FT.BRKN.


This is why I hate snow ❄️ and winter 🥶

Author — Sandra Carstairs


Please slow down when IT IS SNOWING I am a rural mail carrier for 34 years I know it can really help you God Bless

Author — Cheryl Hyman


And all this time I thought only Americans follow each other too closely through the fog. Nice to know our Canadian Brothers do it too.

Author — Charles Bates


Praying for all those involved in this tragic accident.

Author — BP Jones


Once again no reporting, just video without context. Global is just one of the most laziest, unprofessional organizations to call itself a news station.

Author — Bruce Aitken


Even if people don’t believe me I saw the accident happen I was coming home from a hockey tournament in Cambridge and my dad said a car flipped over so I turned around and saw a little black car smash into the back of a transport truck and the car went everywhere and it was very scary later on we almost hit a transport truck head on but just barely misssed

Author — Carter Hunt


So after 10 cars did the others feel left out and join the party? How can so many be involved

Author — Flo Rida777


Is there even anything to say? It’s become so normal now that it’s not even shocking and our world is so messed up

Author — Takai05


People trying their luck driving on the highway with bald tires

Author — Brian Sokoloski


toronto should do as the us does stop all trucks durine storm time they are rude and dangerious