Italy in Lockdown as Coronavirus Spreads to Europe

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Italian officials have introduced "extraordinary measures" to tackle the spread of the biggest outbreak of coronavirus outside of Asia.

Towns mainly in northern regions have been placed under lockdown with strict travel restrictions in place.

Major events including football matches and the iconic Venice Carnival have been cancelled as a precautionary measure to contain the deadly virus.

Two deaths have been reported and the total number of confirmed cases is up to 133, from three just two days ago.

Report by Gareth Shoulder

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Forgive our sins Lord, have mercy on us.

Author — Eduardo


The newborn baby in China recovered from the virus 👏👏👏

Author — Uchiba Uki


Hopefully people understand the gravity of the situation. At this rate, world economics will be heavily impacted.

Author — Truth Keeper Films


Sad but we all of us needs to give more extra care to ourselves . Stay safe everyone sending love from Belgium 🇧🇪

Author — weena nilo


Georgia Guidestones Inscriptions:
#1 "Maintain humanity under 500, 000, 000 in perpetual balance with nature."

Author — Bryan Charles


It's here, bois! Corona for everybody! 💩

Author — Perunski


Italy the collateral victim of Bio Terrorism against China

Author — shaiki


Dai Italia ce la possiamo fare ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

Author — Clara Ferrari


I'm so worried and I'm in Naples and plz pray for my family

Author — Dilupa X


Proof of why each American family needs to have food and water for at least a month.. I'm working on mine.

Author — C Reinicke


Yet foreigners are still flying in nonstop everyday

Author — Flat Top


Chinese New Year to Italy. Also, they have fully rolled out 5g.

Author — An Appeal to Heaven


Unless all borders are sealed to everyone until the virus is eradicated this measure will be worthless. They may stop this outbreak - maybe - has not worked for China but they have a great deal more cases. If not then someone else will just bring it in and it will start over once again. It is in too many places to just shut China off now.

Author — Claire Abbott


South Korea and Italy becomes biggest coronavirus centre outside China by just one 61 years old poison queen and chinese poison hug respectively.

Author — man ka


Italy has just started to test everyone has flu like symptoms.
In many other countries doesn't happen yet and probably cases are similar or more.
Italy is proving to be really serious and honest in this case.
Patient 0 seems not even from China but from Europe or US. Good luck to sll of us

Author — Matt P


Italy you should never have ousted Matteo Salvini!! Should have kept the Port closed!! Pray my family stays safe in Italy!!!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

Author — Grace McKinley


Yet in America we still have idiots who yell for open borders.

Author — Vicky Lawrence


ive been having panic attacks about this, idc bout myself, i just want my family members to be safe from it

Author — suwexe


If you want to find patient zero, just call "Jack Bauer ".

Author — T P


Why is the coronavirus spreading like wildfire.  

There are two main reasons why .

1) Because we are over populated the more people you cram closely together the more easier it is for a virus to spread.  The harder it is to isolate people.

2) Because there are more people moving around the world than there ever have been, which again helps a virus to spread very easily.

So we are our own worst enemy because we will not control our population, we put making money higher on the list than our environment even our own safety, so much for been an intelligent species then.

If you do not have a policy on population control what do you Overpopulation!... It it is  UNAVOIDABLE.... It INESCAPABLE.

And the more people you cram onto this planet then the worse things are going to get .

You could look at this in another way,   we call it a virus,  but maybe this is the planet antibodies attacking this virus that goes by the name of Homo sapien.   that has attached itself to this planet and is just spreading across the planet endlessly multiplying and destroying the planet .

So therefore the planet has to get rid of it .  But of course nobody has thought of that .

Because nature does have a way of protecting itself when it is threatened, which we are doing by refusing to control our numbers and live in harmony with nature .

Homo sapiens. The name is Latin for 'wise having a laugh, humans have classed themselves as wise people. So the state of our planet is because we are also wise people is it?

Author — Joe Wood