MUST do this in TURKEY Exploring Cappadocia by ATV Quad Bike

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All I can hear is Woo Hoo coming from Marianne !! We really wanted to go on an ATV quad bike trip whilst we were in Goreme in Cappadocia as it looked so much fun and wow it really was.

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The ATV tour was arranged via Soandos travel which left from Gormeme Camping & Aqua park

We stayed at:

Travel vlog 332 | ATV tour Cappadocia | Country 30/197

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Tüm Türk takipçilerimiz için - üzgünüm Türkçe altyazıları hazırlıyoruz ve yakında yayınlanacaklar
For all our Turkish followers - sorry we are preparing the Turkish subtitles and they will be on soon
Thanks - Chris

Author — TREAD the globe


I want to see turkish village life through your camera. Love from Bangladesh

Author — long live liberty


Last year, we visited the Aegean beaches with my wife. This year we wanted to visit Cappadocia, but it didn't happen because of the Pandemic. We want to come next year. Thanks to you, we have seen many places. You are very lucky and your happiness can be seen in your face.

Author — Sezo Mezo


What a great day. Do they look after everyone that well or are you VIP's now?

Author — Crazybull


Very nice video we love it and we love Turkey😍😍

Author — I&A unterwegs


Marianne you are such an inspiration.. you always make me smile. Such enthusiasm for everything.. don't think you will ever want to give up your life on the road. Take care 😎xx

Author — Ros Nazilli


Hi Marianne and Chris
Looks like you had a great time
You're surrounded by such lovely people
Take care
Angela, Derbyshire 🐝🌈🇬🇧

Author — Angela Locke


"In today's episode, Chris & Marianne join a biker gang." 😆 So many bonus videos lately -- we're gonna get spoilt! That ice cream man sure was a cheeky one, eh? That did look like a full day of fun. ❤😎👍

Author — Aaron P


ahh my heart, im so jealous right now. Stuck in lockdown =( wish i was stuck in turkey

Author — Mustafa Filiz


I bet most tourists think it is a touristic thing but sadly it isn't at all as i was only 5 years old when i first met one of those guys and he played with me so long i started yelling and crying even then he wasn't giving me my ice cream while laughing like a lunatic!! I guess he liked the scene of a little boy getting angry but soon i changed my mind and started to walk away while saying i didn't want it anymore then he ran after me and gave my ice cream while apologizing, i learned an important lesson that day😁😁

Also ''evil eye'' is a bad translation as ''nazar'' actually means somebody is jealous of you and wishing something bad happen to you, your family or things so we use them on new things such as a new car which would have a meaning like ''hey, don't be jealous of me rather work and buy your own car'' that some also believe such bad wishes might come true and evil eye would give protection!! It is superstition ofc but weirdly every civilization believed such curses, bad wishes etc from Romans to Christians and us Turks so perhaps it would be the best buying a cheap evil eye))

Author — Ggoddkkiller


Such a delight. According to the squeals and yahoos, you all had a ball! So cool. "It will be fine, she says!"

Author — Connie Martin


You re really lovely family ❤❤ i can call this day is biker family 😊 I like u when u drove very well !! Stay in turkya Chris, Marianne till UK get better, even I would like to go there but I need time here coz my wife is dead in London coz of covid 19 . Any way love u Chris, Marianne ❤❤

Author — Anns Elmezoghi


Marianne, I so admire your willingness to jump right in! I tend to be more cautious to try new things but you are very inspiring! WOOHOO!

Author — kelly Sadezwicz



Author — GeneralSS


Another very enjoyable watch the quad bikes look great

Author — mike herbert


Love that you guys are finding such fun adventures to do in Cappadocia! We ended up canceling our flight there a month ago and heading to Ukraine instead and decided to go back when the balloons are back up and running. So amazing to see it through your eyes. Those rock formations are stunning!!!! Glad the icecream and ATVs are open in the heat !!! You guys are rockstars!

Author — DjusLife


Oh that would've been a great excuse to buy another scarf in some cute market.

Author — Bigbird 63


OMG that blow dry is hilarious! And then champagne 🥂 you guys are living the dream!

Author — Robin Westcott


Great this sure beats hiking in the scorching hot heat!!!! Happy you got your scarf back!!! So awesome that they blow you dry....thanks for sharing your video!!!

Author — Ele Lemon


HEY CHRIS.i am still here, watching you guys riding ATV like a pro.

Author — Raja Bhaduri