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Vice President Mike Pence
and Calif. Sen. Kamala Harris faced off in the first and only vice presidential debate, touching on issues ranging from the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus to Joe Biden's position on fracking. NPR's Scott Detrow has the highlights.


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When you like the vice president options better than the president options

Author — T Smith


I went to NPR because it's the least biased of all the other news stations out there. I skipped Fox, CNN, and CNBC. Don't get me wrong, NPR is still casting the left in a more favorable light, but I'm still grateful for the attempt to keep things legitimate; most news stations don't even bother these days.

Author — 1000 Subs No Videos


npr just another left wing extremist megaphone propaganda machine for democrats.

Author — Generalleeridesagain 45


*Are you going to pack the court, Kamala?*

Author — Make Anthros Great Again


Is Kamale Harris still believe concerning rape charges that she blamed Biden ?

Author — Aurélien Fuentes


I guess covid19 can't/won't go around that shield....

Author — Leed Clinton


This woman keeps dodging the question regarding court packing and won't give a straightforward answer.

Author — Genus Hibiscus


Supplys?? You were suppose to avoid the mess not drag your ass to clean it up

Author — Nebbs M


Harris didnt want to be lectured on her record. Well since the riots started her recored has been going up in smoke

Author — Okie bbq


That's all? I mean... There had to more to take away from the debate, right? Think I'm gonna see if I can find it and check it out for myself...

Author — Jade X


I see you neglected to fact check anything she said. Oh, and we are still waiting for her answer just one question

Author — D Bullis


This is the driest, least informative possible recap I could possibly imagine. I came here at least hoping for a complete synopsis. This is trash!

Author — Veronica Robinson


A big deal was made about the glass separators but why does the moderator not have a glass in front of her? makes no sense. Also, I think air floats freely and not in a single direction, not sure I'm not a physicist.

Author — Morgan Mendieta


Good thing they had those dividers, the two people who tested negative could have infected each other

Author — Maurice Smithville


Better keep an eye on vp "Ken" & wife "Karen" the next couple of weeks. He looks like a fever with or without pinkeye...red-veined and teary eyes, flush coming up from the back of his head. That's different from the red face every time he was called on lying or his "opinion" in place of Facts.

Author — Tango Whisky


Liberal bias most evident at 2:10 when NPR comes to the rescue of Harris. Watch Biden and Harris’ own past words on Fracking - it’s in danger.

Author — James Fraley


I don't think Biden-Harris can do any better than Trump-Pence re Covid-19.

Author — G BALA


Kamala Harris:

1.) Actively fought against parole reform.

2.) Contributed to the school to prison pipeline via a “truancy initiative”.

3.) Advocated for higher bail.

4.) While she was DA the felony conviction rate was artificially inflated into the highest in a decade.

5.) Locked up blacks for petty marijuana use then later laughed about smoking marijuana on the Breakfast Club show.

6.) Lengthened prison sentences in California to procure free labor for private businesses.

7.) She was essentially an enforcer of Biden's racist, mass incarceration, 94 Crime Bill that locked up 2 million black people, mostly men.

Author — Jon Diebe


This is manufactured consent, she lost hands down

Author — Danny v


KAMALA : multiple composure fails, Mommy voice, believe me face, how dare you expression, let me tell you something Mr. looks, and hands under the chin ...batting the eyes I’m a pretty little girl ... 🤮 she did everything except for the hairflip-giggle combo. Total embarrassment for all women

Author — M