North Korean Defectors react to celebrities of Kazakhstan [Korean Bros]

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Hey, guys! Today we react to popular celebrities from Kazakhstan with North Korean defectors! Hope you enjoy this video. See ya next time xD

Anelia Moor
Fariza Yesskermesova

Askar Ilyasov
Tauekel Musilim

Gulzhan Nakipova
Sabina Altynbekova

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"They look like Asians and westerns at the same time", because we are asians and westerns at the same time😂
Hello from Kazakhstan!♡

Author — Azhar Zhakypbay


Они обычные казашки А для них они как метисы Странно Странно что Сабину Алтынбекову не знают Она достаточно популярна в Японии, Корее, Китае

Author — Зачем_мне_ник М


Kazakistan bizim soydaşımızdır.Çok yaşa Kazakistan.



Сабина и вправду прекрасна, будто из аниме вышла

Author — Mari Kiratani


I am a Russian girl, and therefore met a lot of people from Kazakhstan. Always found them to be very beautiful

Author — Alissa Dem


I expected to see someone like Aya Shalkar, Dimash Kudaibergen or Dimash Adlet. But anyways, thank you so much for the video :)

Author — Some one


Kazakhs always handsome loves from Turkey 💕

Author — Beyza Buyuk


Love kazakhstan from Turkey ❤️❤️❤️ Turkic family members always brothers 🇹🇷🇰🇿🇦🇿🇰🇬🇺🇿

Author — Yincü Kayu Gyunesh


I saw Kazakistan and i came.Turkısh family always look good.

Author — Sweet Pumpkin


Димаш где?
Самый красивый и обаятельный!

Author — Витаминка В


Lol although I'm from Kazakhstan I don't know half of them but their names says that they're kazakhs. So thank you for this video and welcome to Kazakh republic. Btw we have a diaspora of the koryo-sarams (고려 - 사람) here.

Author — Zeyin Waqıt


“She looks who exactly?To Koreans or Kazakhstans?

“I did not expect them to look
So to them Asians are only CHINESE, KOREANS AND JAPANESE right?
Not indians, or Saudis?
Am too tired for like the guy tho

Author — casey jason


Честно? Ничего не поняла. Одно только заметила, они любят сравнивать людей СНГ со своими.

Author — ADA_ K


I am from Kazakhstan and I have no idea who these “celebs” were before lol

Author — Zarina Spilberg


Beom: B-E-O-M not B-U-M

KB sub: *spells BUM*

It be like that sometimes Beom 😔✊

Author — strawberry faerie


♥️Turkic people are beautiful♥️♥️🇰🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿🇰🇬🇹🇲🇺🇿♥️

Author — Meli_Ozdmr


I like watching your videos, but please consider that Kazakhstan IS in Asia - so they indeed look asian. I think, what the girls mean is, that they don't look eastern asian. Please remember that Asian people look different!
Otherwise, nice reactions and keep going ☺️

Author — Vili Scott


Казашки намного красивее кореянок. Китаянок. И японцев. Это видно невооруженными глазами. Казашки и без пластики такие красивые просто глаз не оторвать. Они и с пластикой не достигнут такую красоту

Author — Кадирбек Аймбетов


we Kazakhs very mixed nation, but we more look like Eastern Asia, like our face looks similar to Chinese and Korean people. But also some Kazakhs peoples face more familiar to europe, like Turkish countries.

Author — bloodyblurry


Please reaction to Dimash Kudaibergen 🙏

Author — Alya Zh