Dana Perino Cites Heritage Scholar on The Five

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Dana Perino cited Jarrett Stepman's research on the electoral college on Fox News' The Five on February 26, 2019.

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Wow! Ms. Perino looks astonishingly beautiful in that yellow turtleneck!

Author — William Duke


Will someone please kill Juan Williams!!!

Author — Goldclaw837


I. Watch The Five just for Dana ! Oh yeah and all that other political stuff lol....

Author — Ken Bray


TV Guide has you listed as the daily briefing with Dana but😎 there's no pictures and no description of the show😊 if you could please😍 contact TV Guide😏 and submit a picture😃 and give them a description of the show :😙 a few words🎂 thank you so much and I love you Dana🥂🏛🗽👍🎺

Author — Michael Proctor


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observing a single gray-haired person? I don’t know, five or six, how many
before observing a faked blond dye head, one or two minutes. And if watching
news programing featuring journalists? almost never to none, which begs the
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Author — Edmund Singleton


It is ridiculous that smaller states have the same power as bigger ones, not just California D and Wyoming R but also with Texas R and Rhode island D.

Author — Mich Paddington


Dana just told a lie . it is a racist based electoral college

Author — Jeffrey bordeaux


Dana Perino is an establishment never-Trumper. Not sure why any conservative group continues to blindly support her.

Author — Trey Justice