Tulsi Gabbard sounds off after ripping Kamala Harris at debate

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Tulsi Gabbard sounds off after ripping Kamala Harris at debate5
Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on calling out fellow candidate Sen. Kamala Harris over her hypocrisy on prison reform during the debate. #Tucker #FoxNews

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Im progressive and I have to come to Fox News to get fair coverage on Tulsi Gabbard?

Author — Corey Kumpf


Tulsi got that smile like "I may not win but I certainly sunk Kamala's battleship."

Author — Jim Biden


I'm a Republican but I like this woman. Her straight forward honesty is refreshing

Author — Ronald Ward


Tucker Carlson is the only one who'd asked her about the actual debate while CNN, MSNBC just smeared her.

Author — Silver Spring


Even though I’m a conservative. Tulsi would be the only democratic candidate that I’d probably support.

Author — OMMBoy


Hats off to Tucker for giving Tulsi a fair voice.

Author — Oahu Guy


We Californians knew this about Kamala Harris.

Author — It's Me


I think tucker is kinda in love with her

Author — blue ho


Stunning. Tulsi Gabbard knocks Harris out of the race in about 2 minutes or less. Wow.

Author — lars


Much respect for this amazing congresswoman she ripped Harris in that debate

Author — Ron Whitehorse


Hats off to Tulsi for appearing on FOX

Author — John Davis


Lmao... The only news channel to let her talk and not consistently attack her.. Is Fox News?
What world in this, where a true Democrat can only get fair coverage on a right-leaning channel.

After watching her MSNBC interview... Jeez that was just ridiculous. Nice to see this here.

Author — IrishBiteGirl


They even attack their own when one of them dares to speak common sense and logic. Sad.

Author — Michael Cooley


This good woman destroyed all hope of Harris running for President. Good for her in speaking the truth.

Author — The Indie Diary


What Gabbard said about Harris' real behavior is EXACTLY what I perceived in her.

Author — BlueWater479


Tucker you were very gentlemanly with her. So much more respectable than those fools at CNN

Author — Sand Wrenn


Tulsi Gabbard may just be the only sane voice in politics.

Author — nolebuc1


A democrat with a brain and common sense, wow. I wish I was an American and would vote for her.

Author — Truthmedia Rebel


A candidate like Tulsi Gabbard that makes sense is not what the radical Democrat Party is looking for.

Author — Jdude


Kamala cares about California? Not...she only wants power flip flopping on different issues.

Author — C Cutler