U.S. Fawns Over Death Of A Brutal Dictator

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U.S. Fawns Over Death Of A Brutal Dictator4.5
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Clip from the Friday, January 23rd 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday - friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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Saudi Arabia is beheading people on a daily basis, but it's ok though.
They have oil.

Author — coltsrule5150


PEACE, REFORM and PROGRESS.  3 words I would not use to describe King Abdullah's Saudi Arabia.  His regime is the one of the main reasons why we have such a huge Islamist problem we have across the globe today.

If only the Americans and British weren't propping up his regime in exchange for massive influence over the oil markets...

Author — whenindoubtdo


I just wish all the oil reserves dry out. Everywhere.

Author — Kenneth McCormick


wonder if America would 'fawn' over that despot if their main product was 'brocolli'!!

Author — alfred mendoza


I worked in TV news when Chavez died. If you didn't know any better, and most of our viewers probably didn't, you would have thought that Pol Pot or maybe Lord Voldemort had died.
It's a clear double standard for the royal leader of an oil-rich nation and a democratically elected populist reformer in S. America. I can't say Im terribly surprised by it, but it's still wrong, especially from a human rights perspective.

Author — Robert Douglas


Oil - all you need is oil, and you're a more glorious saint then jesus!

Author — Humanity is a lost cause Self centered lunatics


Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention would have totally missed it otherwise my man! The contrast between the response to Chavez and Abdullah couldn't be more based on economic relations. The West has a long and sad history of doing business with certain dictators...Great video Kyle.

Author — Kieran Law


the only difference to ISIS is that Saudi Arabia is not waging an aggressive war of conquest at the moment.

Author — BountyFlamor


Lady Liberty has become the worlds biggest prostitute, she'll crawl into bed with anyone.

Author — Tom Secrest


We now have Kyle's confession to being a sorcerer - I knew it!

Author — karim1387


This is the most biased contrast for U.S interest.

Author — Javimonotheism


About time you finally said it. I thought I was the only one saying it.

Author — The Jaded Warlock


Yay! Hurray! The Saudi king is dead! Celebrate! Rejoice! Dance and sing! I hope he suffered a tremendous amount of excruciating agony before his death!
Death to all kings and queens that were not elected by their people. Off with their pompous useless heads. May they all be burned alive and suffer the same torture they inflicted on innocent people.
Fuck their oil. USA puppet politicians they should be held just as responsible for accepting oily bribes and conspiring to aid in human rights violations.

Author — Alex Zamora


so far, 24 down thumbs. that means that 24 people literally enjoy and/or respect fascism.

Author — dumb_beard


That's how truth is told without any sugar coating.Good job mate.

Author — Shokin Raut


Saudi Arabia is my second most hated country, 1st is North Korea. Saudi Arabia has a chance to change though, since the young rich people often travel abroad to study, when it's their "turn" to wield real influence hopefully things will change albeit slowly. North Korea however will not unless someone invades since it's so completely cut off from the outside world. It's the only country in the world that I actually hope has a war real soon. (And yes I know there was a korean war already. But I honestly don't see another solution to it.) Cudos to Kyle and Glenn for pointing up the hypocrisy.

Author — Kristina Plays


This is the reason why you weren't chosen for the Obama interview Kyle. You make them squeal...

Author — Kenneth McCormick


The best part is the end. And is true.

Author — abiel garcia


Making a prediction now: In time the west will sign treaties and trade deals with Daesh. Unless Daesh attacks Saudi Arabia, the west isn't interested in actually defeating them. Daesh is an enemy of Iran, and that suits the west just fine.

Author — sogghartha


Its totally freaking true, their is only one big difference between the Saudi government and Isis, one gives the west cheap oil.

Author — Matthew Sarson