TOP 7 Seafront Istanbul Properties

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When you talk about buying a home in a city surrounded by many waterways, the first thing you think of is Seaview. Well, you came to a right place. In this video we have listed our Top 7 affordable and modern luxury seaview projects.

Check the links below for more information about each project.

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Charm Blue in my favorite. Thanks for your professional presentation, you’ll be something bigger in the future! 👍

Macca ♥️

Author — Aled of Arabia


Excellent explanation and spectacular views 👏

Author — orhan Turkoğlu


Sir see all your video on YouTube.. making my mind to invest there.

Author — tanveer khan


Thanks, excellent presentation, I think it would be a great inverstment.

Author — Martha Medina


Another AWESOME video, Alattin - Still, I think you have forgot to add the magnificent SEA PEARL (Atakoy) to the list ;-) Probably because one square meter is worth $8, 000? Cheers from Lubnan !!!

Author — Gulf Football Management


Good info. I am looking to buy but since Turkey is prone to earthquakes, can you do a video on the safer areas please and thank you:)

Author — Naznin Sarang


Nice video. Are you talking about Gross area SQM or Net ?

Author — Justin Lu


As a US citizen,
This video is the best brief explanatory review for the best projects in Istanbul
Thank you guys for showing the list. So far I love Deniz the best and when I decide I will look at it closely when I visit Istanbul

Author — Mohamed A


2 bedroom that much price who will buy! At list 4Bedroom

Author — In Out


How much are taxes for foreign investors?

Author — Afzal Shaikh


NO value in the video. It is just a paid family to speak a script.

Author — Ravinder Agrawal