Hurricane hunters fly into eye of Hurricane Dorian

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Hurricane hunters fly into eye of Hurricane Dorian5
NOAA Hurricane Hunter Richard Henning phones into 'Fox & Friends' while flying over the storm. #FoxNews

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Thank God Dorian has been downgraded to a cat 3 we pray in Jesus name it continue to downgrade and turn back to the ocean and dissolve



Wow. How can something so destructive be so beautiful at the same time?

Author — Formally Informal


Cant believe one of the newscasters just ask the pilot what kind of damage he can see on the Bahamas from up there😂😂😂

Author — Anthony M


If you're reading this have a splendid day today simply because you deserve it.

Author — The Josh O Show


Thanks to Georgia Government for praying to God.

Author — Tokyo Rose


Those people are much braver than I am...

Author — Philip Roberts


Awesome news reporting, God bless all those affected by this storm. God's Name we pray!

Author — fuzzy


May our powerful Almighty God holds Richard and his grews in his hand and protects them from harmful hurricane. In the name of our Jesus Christ Amen.

Author — lost girl Lai


*Why Not Disable Comments, I Could Say Something About The Eye Related To Epstein Lolita Island*

Author — NPC FREDO


May the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob bless The bravery of American Patriots. And keep them safe in the eye of the storm. May God provide them wisdom strength and courage. May God bring blessings to our President Donald Trump. And heal our nation. Rachel Byers

Author — Rachel Byers


How come the comments aren’t disabled on this video Fox?

Author — Mark Knight


Father God, The Great Creator, True Ruler over this earth, move this Hurricane Dorian northward and more eastward into open waters. Keep it from hitting land.
I pray, asking this in the name of Your Son, The Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen and Amen.

Author — brian kurth


Talking about Gulfstreams and P3’s while showing video of the WC-130 Hercules

Author — Erik


Currently in Fort Lauderdale and it’s still sunny ☀️ at 9:54am scattered Sunrise showers and very windy but nothing’s flying away thankfully.

Author — Christina Stewart


Tell teh TRUTH CAT is at 10, 000 feet NOT at ground level that is actually hitting the homes. 30 feet the wind speeds are 60-70 mph

Author — 10susan10


These videos were made from a C-130J and NOT a Gulfstream.

Author — Phillip Parrish


Good news glad to hear it's weakening some

Author — Gene Ground Jr


The democrat climate change nuts will be upset that the storm has reduced in strength.
Storms never used to be political now that the left pushes taxing the weather they’re motivated by greed. As one expert said just one big volcanic eruption can negate anything thing mankind does in reducing emissions.

Author — Paul Hudson


Great pictures ! Good news reporting ! Not just fear mongering....
Amazing to beautiful, and so deadly at same time !

Author — Jaye Mowrey


I wonder what it looks like from the ground if the eye is above you.

Author — RedEye