People Are Hit by Tornadoes 2019

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Author — Sergey322


I watch one tornado clip and YouTube decides I'm an enthusiast...

Author — SpiritualOpportunism


Fun fact: If a tornado looks like it’s not moving. It’s probably tired of seeing this comment.

Author — Joe Smoe


And for today’s field trip, we’re going into the eye of a tornado.

Author — Shane w


Please let this be a normal field trip

Author — Nintendo Boy


I was in a tornado on foot once. It was the scariest moment of my life so far. For a moment I thought I was going to die. I was running home from a friends house. The local weather man had given the all clear so I thought I would walk home. It was only a 10 minute or so walk. My friends dog, who was severely afraid of storms slipped out without anyone noticing after me. I heard his collar jingling like a block from my friend's house and turned around and the dog was running up to me. I brought the dog back to his house. He was trying to warn me. He knew. I again started my walk. Suddenly about halfway there it got really windy. Full trash cans were blowing across the road.

It was scary. I considered taking shelter on a random house's front porch or knocking on their door. I was only about 2 blocks from home so I decided to make a run for it. As I was rounding a corner I heard a loud shattering noise. I assumed it was a streetlight. I didn't even look I just put my hands over my head and ran as fast as I could. I felt leaves and small branches brush against the back of my head. I didn't stop. I made it home. My roommates were watching the storm from the porch. They were amazed I was outside during it and told me they had just watched a giant tree come down in front of our house and were headed to the basement.

We went to the basement. When we came up to the see the aftermath there were trees and telephone poles down all over the neighborhood. A nearby business had it's roof blown off. I went to the spot I heard the shattering and felt the branches and there was a tree down. That must have been what I felt hitting me. If I had been just a few steps back I would have been hit by the trunk instead of smaller, outer branches. To this day I still get nervous around storms.

Author — khlkhjhlk


everybody gangster till the clouds start twirling

Author — bella


Passengers: "Thats a tornado!"
Bus Driver: "So it would seem"

Author — Joshua Prieto


2:06 Truck is nice enough to share his blankey with a fellow truck.

Author — Mystic Investigations


YouTube: people are hit by tornadoes

2.8 million peoples: *Interesting*

Author — xDezyx


“We’re in a tornado” I would have been that stupid person that tried to get out of the car and run away. Lmao

Author — You probably Suck


3:51 Those dudes are SO lucky it didn't come towards them and changed directions.
7:27 I hope the driver got their license revoked immediately after! What idiot drives right into a tornado's path like that?! And don't tell me 'he proabbly couldn't tell' like no you can clearly see what direction it's going in. Those poor souls on board.

Author — K's World


tornadoes: _im spinning like a ballerinaaaa_

Author — eve m


Bus driver: a tornado ima drive straight into it
Tornado: I’m boutta end this whole mans career

Author — Claudia baca


The tornado at 7:43 is easily one of the most beautiful, photogenic tornadoes I've ever seen. Very awesome, in the most literally sense. Awesome: something which causes one to feel awe.

Author — Jaydee Haze


The only thing known to man to withstand the force of a the windshield wiper.

Author — Mookyyzed


Tornado: Coming towards school
Teacher: hey!! tornado doesn't dismiss you I do.

Author — Jordan Franz


0:37 seeing the power lines snap in the distance is terrifying

Author — Veggie Shield


F5 crossing the road,

City bus driver: “Let’s race it.”

Author — John Rundhaug


Normal people: *backs up from the tornado* I’m gonna die
Driver: *keeps going* it’s fine, I’m not gonna die or anything

Author — Orca Lover