EU vs Russia: Europe united

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It is 2017 or the very near future. If the complete European Union went head to head against Russia, who would come out on top? This is the second and final part of the two-part series which analyzes the two sides' militaries and available strategies. Belarus is also a key player.

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💬 Comments on the video

At the start: No Allies are allowed

2 seconds later: *Belarus is a Russian ally*

Author — EHS 145


EU: Guys! were going to war with russia!
Germany: **The expert**

Author — curtis brown


invades Russia
They called me a mad man

Author — urboi yousef


EU: We are going to war with russia
ITALY GERMANY AND AUSTRIA: we need all the coats extra rations and warm clothes you can find !!!

Author — Blue Greenish


Binkov: ‘No allies allowed’

Belarus: *im gonna pretend i didn’t hear that*

Author — RedDogge


"Go into Finland a little bit"
*spits tea in Russian*

Author — Ag3nt0fCha0s


EU : Ok guy's we are going to war with Russia.
Germany : 😏

Author — Ahmed Nabeel


The allied forces are near moscow and then...

Winter has joined the game.

Author — Jovan Stankovic


U dont need the whole europe just finland...

Author — Juuso Pakkanen


In this scenario, i hope we germans are out of this war!

We are not famous to winning world wars. ^^

Author — Funkstaedter1992


Since the EU is currently lead by Merkel so the EU invasion of Russia will technically be the national focus on HOI4 “Revenge for Stalingrad”

Author — kurwitz


Hey Russia, how the Finland invasion going?

we don't want to talk about it...

Author — MrJJuK


*Vladmir Putin want to know your location.*

Author — MASTER TINTIN1380


i doubt russia would want to occupy finland, too many flashbacks

Author — El Chungo


Russia: goes for Finland

Finnish in the snow: how many time do we need to teach u this lesson old man

Author — Alessandro Vitagliano


Russia got nerfed it's biggest advantage against EU only.


Author — Frontend


Why is the UK's Challenger 2 not listed under tanks? We have about 400 of them!

Author — Daniel Bell


“No allies”
...5 seconds later “Belarus is a Russian ally”

Author — DavidAranguren96


Binkov: "EU fleet units cannot do much in the Baltic".
Commanders of Swedish Gotland class submarines: "hold our beers".

Author — Karl Orrebrand


Eu: finland you know how to handle this right?
finland: its skiing time!

Author — Piggy Rover