Modi has clean-bowled Imran Khan with Kashmir yorker

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Until now, it was Pakistan that always set the pace on Kashmir. Modi has turned the tables by scrapping Article 370 and Pakistan is struggling for a response.

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Indeed your reporting has improved in terms of neutrality === I am subscribing ✅

Author — bharat hospital


The Print is also bowled over by Modi.. Good to see media like print is looking at the brighter sight..

Author — Kishore Reddy


Guptaji you are now almost 65% with your painful transition from a Congress stooge to a fair journalist.

Author — abhay kumar


He changed color for good. But for me he remains a chameleon.

Author — A W


Thank God An anti modi person giving credit to modi

Author — Prabandham Raghuram


Slowly you are ditching Congress and liberals. Truly a fair weather friend. Kudos!!!

Author — vishwanath


I've started to like this guy surprisingly. He's neutral and balanced these days. Interesting show.

Author — Kanishk S


We can support Modi or disagree with him but with out Jio we will be never able to watch videos that aired in YouTube. I regularly watch SG videos even if I disagree with you most of the times

Author — N B


Trump wanted to make Kashmir a bargaining chip for negotiations with India. Modi told him 'That boat is gone now baby' by abrogating 370. Imran is actually a bystander got hit.

Author — Binu Raveendran


Check Mate ..Game Over. kudos to Modi Govt

Author — shivang trivedi


This man will side with whoever is in power. Don't be carried away by his story in favor of India; he may stab you in back.
Did you know that this man was charge-sheeted by NIA for taking crores of rupees as bribe to tilt the media in favor of accused in the Augusta Westland scam???

Author — Ps P


Can we for once ALL agree that this was a brilliant SURGICAL STRIKE

Author — Julian Day


"Pakistan's mind is wired up for proactive mischief" you couldn't have put it better

Author — Nidhi Shah


And they said chai Wala has no idea what's a foreign policy is!

Author — Donald j.trump


Does anyone know where Nidhi Abdullah is? Has she been arrested?

Author — P S


Once Imran Khan told if MODI wins election Kashmir issue will be resolved. He is very intelligent. Circumstance are developing.

Author — Ghufran Shareef


Woww a Congresswallah like Sekar bowled over by Modijis success

Author — PR. Shridhar


Print should have more subscriber than the wire which only knows how to defame india..yahan atleast shekhar sir ki logical analysis toh milta h



I watch print only for cut the clutter and Natinal interest

Author — Utkarsh Shrivastava


Looks more and more he is becoming rational. Maybe after election loss, Congress stopped paying Shekhar Gupta. 😃.

Author — Suresh Dharmaraj