How America became a superpower

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America grew from a colony to a superpower in 200 years.

2:07 Correction: Cuba seceded from the US in 1902.

With over 800 military bases around the globe, the US is easily the most powerful nation on earth. But it wasn't always this way. The US once played an insignificant role in global affairs. In this 8-minute video, you can see the transformation.

Troop numbers: "Total Military Personnel and Dependent End Strength By Service, Regional Area, and Country". Defense Manpower Data Center. November 7, 2016.

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Those simpler times when you could literally buy an entire state from a country

Author — Dhruv Datta


US: *starts becoming an superpower/empire*
UK: *I raised that boy.*

Author — toast


the US is like that son who ran away from home but ended up succeding in life

Author — るなめりあ


Congress: we don’t want to take over the world
Some person: Why?
Congress: Because, *other races*

Author — AC piggy


"The congress had a strong anti-imperialist bent"
me: :)
"These people worried having to integrate populations from 'inferior' races"
me: :(

Author — Frostymarbles


Fun fact: Americans called hamburgers “liberty steaks” during ww2 because they thought “hamburgers” sounded too German.

Author — Andres Hernandez in the comment section


US looking at UK.
"I'm da captain now...."

Author — Manuel Greggs


Sell weapons to both sides, when one side are losing, declare war on it, that's the key to success

Author — warcraft3 S.E.N.S w


Legends say Britain is planning a copyright claim on US since a very long time lol

Author — Haise sasaki


Fun fact: Greenland is not as big as it’s drawn in every maps. It’s much smaller than it is

Author — Flynn Arcos


World: How do you help defeat Germany in both the World Wars?
America: The key is to be late.

Author — galaxy_ hellhound


You have to admit, what the US accomplished in such a short time is pretty incredible.

Author — B Babbich


We all know that UK is secretly a big fan of the US 😂

Author — Jose Fonseca


The US' rise from isolationism sounds like my social life in a nutshell

Author — Alfonse


It's ironic that we fought two wars against the UK to become independent and now we are basically the same as Brittan was back then

Author — Michael Scott


The US started off as isolationists and became involved in literally everything within fifty years.

Author — O5-5


America has its problem, but you have to admits its one of the most remarkable countries in history. In way more ways than one.

Author — Scottie P


Amazing insights. After world war 2, US overtook Britain because their smaller engagement in the wars, geographic isolation and huge farmland, as well as the dollar's dominance of the world's finance.

Author — Alvin Jing


I must say this 8:55 minutes series explained the whole of my question than my 5 years of college time.

Author — Soebandrio Waperdam


US : topples down governments around the world
UK: I raised him well!!

Author — Curious Shresth