We Drove up a 2000m Mountain FOR THIS ! - VAN LIFE Turkey

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We’re off an adventure searching for wonderful views and rural life, up into the mountains of Turkey’s Black Sea region. Wow it did not disappoint and did we find a great park up for the night.

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Travel vlog 339 | Rize Black Sea| Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

Constantly surprised at how beautiful Turkey is.

Author — Joanne DeFalco


Not only is the countryside amazing, so are the people.🇹🇷❤️

Author — Elsuba Ellis


i would like to thank you for showing the real natural beauty of turkey .. .. also, thank you for highlighting this area, as most of the tourist head to the Mediterranean or istanbul, and completely miss this region. really appreciate what you are doing for turkey, showing what it really has to offer, ... you guys are opening the whole worlds eyes regarding Turkey. to this i am very very grateful.. cannot wait for your next video,

Author — orhan celik


When I was in London, people used to ask me how many wives I have and if I have ever seen an oak tree in my life. They were amazed that I actually own a car and not a camel. Turkey's image in the west is horrific unfortunately. Only getting worse too. Hopefully these videos help people in the west to open up their eyes a bit however I have no hope tbh. Centuries of guided misinformation is hard to over come.

Author — D. Lukas Dursun


Chris was so nervous on that mountain drive 🙂. Turkey is so beautiful. Happy Birthday adventurous Marianne with nerves of steel. 😉

Author — Yolanda Gilchrist


Your obviously are loving Turkey. It's a great country :)

Author — Mark Gwinnell


19:13 Marienne says thank you, The ticketing guy says: We thank you for coming.

Author — bmetal2


Very interesting everypart of turkey is Amazing...westside Istanbul Izmir soutside Antalya Mugla Bodrum Nord of turkey and and and Really amazing Country... See Food sun people nature everything is amazing

Author — dudu sisi


Cennet ülkemi yabancı insanlardan izliyorum 😓 inşaallah bize de gezmek nasip olur.



While watching you i rediscover my country and you are a very sweet couple 🖤

Author — Ozan


While you're in the black sea region you HAVE to go to Ayder! It's a little village on top of the mountains, hence why the air is so clean and fresh!

Author — MT CS


Interesting that you mentioned Alpine views. If I didn’t know you were in Turkey, I would have thought you were in Austria or Germany. So jealous- I want to be travelling, meeting people and eating local grub

Author — Steve Terrey


I bet on money, those cows are producing wonderful and tasty milk.

Author — GymBaeLove


Wonderful video as always. Really Turkey is stunning wherever you go. Happy birthday Marianne.

Author — Michael Yeovil


This is fascinating! With every new video, I see a new part of Turkey I didn't even know it had. The air there must be super clean and fresh I bet! This area looks like as if the road is the real destination, everywhere you go there's something new and beautiful to see :D

Author — Cake is Yummy


Stunningly beautiful, I had no idea Turkey had such a gorgeous mountainous area.

Author — Gillian H


You guys should be given a recognition by Turkish Ministry of Tourism. All of your videos are great!!!

Author — istiklalcaddesi


How fantastic is this vid! Bravo for being so intrepid. Love your travels in Turkey!

Author — Graham Hedges


I love how fearless Marianne is. Happy, happy birthday!

Author — Teresa Pavoldi


Chris is always worried, Marianne is always brave... :)

Author — Melih Durmaz