Tucker: Republicans victorious in North Carolina

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Tucker: Republicans victorious in North Carolina5
Democrats admit Trump helped GOP sweep North Carolina in special elections. #Tucker #FoxNews

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Whooping women cheering for third trimester abortions is truly sickening..

Author — frank hinstine


*Give me your guns and open the borders TRUST ME*

Author — Fredo Cuomo


Take care of your own citizens first! The Dems. Have lost their mind!

Author — Ronald Lloyd


Again as usual Tucker you are correct! My wife is changing back to the Republican party and joining the warm feeling of realism! She regrets ever having voted for a Democrap! Welcome back my beautiful wife of 45 years!

Author — Frank Snyder


TODAY, dems are thee biggest threat to America and her successful future.

Author — Gee Bee


I hope and pray there are no democrats in our government by 2020

Author — Brian Phillips


I cannot wait till these crazed democratic politicians are voted out. Now that’s going to be a great day!!!

Author — 163pete


Make sure they don't give anyone of illegal immigrants the right to vote in

Author — Joyce K


Open borders are designed to dilute American values. 🦊

Author — Garry Wagner


Demoncraps are BULLIES, the most hateful evil snakes in Washington.

Author — T GS


I didn’t steal that vehicle, Judge. I’m just an undocumented owner

Author — Tomakze


Kameltoe Harris: "let me be clear, I am a commie"

Author — John Locke


When did we as a society throw out commonsense, logic, science and replace with opinion and feelings?!? This is not happening in my home, THAT is for sure!

Author — TLife


My life had no value the day before I was born?

No I didnt say that but I would have been fine with your mother murdering you that day....

Author — Daniel Girard


Kamala, " let me be perfectly clear " you are a friggin LOSER !

Author — Danny Burney


Yep I’m do NOT want to pay and be a tax slave to these people I will do my best to throw these people out of office.

Author — Jamie Jones


Ilhan Omar did something and yet she's still walking around free. The American women have murdered more Americans through abortions than any war in human history.

Author — Rodney Armstrong


Yes, Barr should release the documents.Hillary should be held accountable for The Uranium One scandal.I It is my opinion, that the Uranium One scandal was nothing short of treason, Lock, or string her up!

Author — Scott Gibson


I really feel bad for you America.. same is happening here in Europe right now.. time to stand up!!😡

Author — openminded


These asswipes want to provide EVERYTHING to these illegal Hispanics but ignore the hundreds of thousands of Veterans that essentially get NOTHING !

Author — Dan Forbess