I Love Melvin (1953) – Lady Loves - Debbie Reynolds

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I Love Melvin (1953) – Lady Loves


I Love Melvin (1953)
Directed By Don Weiss ⋅ 1953 ⋅ 77 min

Charming and witty musical reunites Singin’ in the Rain’s Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor in the tale of a go-fer’s quixotic quest to get his lady love plastered on the cover of Look magazine. Melvin Hoover (O’Connor) is a bumbler (except when he’s dancing on skates), a workaday schlep for Look magazine in love with Broadway chorine Judy LeRoy (Reynolds). Melvin convinces Judy he can send her star aloft by putting her on the cover of Look, due to his photog credentials.

Starring Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor

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She comes off as futuristic...ahead of her time, like a kid from today trying to act vintage if it makes sense lol

Author — BleSSed


"First of all she loves to be secure"

I wholeheartedly agree on this one.

Author — I am not Yona


I wish they still did these kind of glamorous productions...

Author — Hanna V


For someone who had no dance training prior to Hollywood she's a great dancer!

Author — 2degucitas


Putting the lovely, talented Debbie aside for just a moment, my compliments also go to the marvelous, handsome group of dancers with watchable expressions and steps.

Author — joycemarie1212


OMG, her waistline must have been a double zero! So petite!

Author — Anna Belnap


The dress, the jewels, the tone.. the whole vibe of this looks a bit like Marylin"s song in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes :D

Author — Aimie Lisa Thepeller


it reminds so much of Marilyn singing Diamonds are girls' best friends!!

Author — Mélina Charlet


The mother of Carrie Fisher.. She died the day after her daughter’s death in desember 2016...

Author — z


I cant help but think of her sad journal entries that she shared with her granddaughter, to persuade her to not become an actress. 😟😢

Author — Fionna Adeline


To have danced with Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly...two experienced and well seasoned dancers and holding her own was truly amazing...what a woman, what a talent!

Author — Ruth Nagarya


We are the gentlemen of the press!
Yes we are, yes we are.
Yes indeed, indeed we are!
Our editor sent us to you!
To interview you!
For Judy LeRoy, you're America's pride and joy
You're the prettiest, wittiest, glamour girl by far
Yes you are, yes you are!
Yes indeed, indeed, you are.
The fact that we, want us be, positively feminine,
We don't want to know when you have tea if you put cream or lemon in.
Well the facts I give are genuinely, intimately, feminine.
A lady loves expensive clothes
And pretty jewels and furs and french chapeaus
She loves her lingerie in black it suits her zodiac
Loves a penthouse where she'll be content to stay
Finds little gifts on her breakfast tray
But now and then pack and sail away
For a simple Riveria holiday
A lady loves beaucoup l'amour, but first of all she loves to be secure
And she adores the subtle phrase that it's the man who pays
Yet there's one final thought she would place above.
All of the things I may mention of!
And most of all, a lady loves to love!
A lady loves her phobias,
She has complexity,
She will insist!
It gives her things to talk about with her psychiatrist
Incidentally whenever she drops her glove
Gentlemen know what she's thinking of
That most of all a lady loves to love
And what is more a lady loves to live
And what is more lady lives to love

Author — Crayons


I’m an 80s/90s child and had absolutely NO IDEA that Debbie Reynolds was so beautiful and glamorous in her younger years! Or that she did these types of films... I guess I knew of her but didn’t know what she was famous for... Not to downplay her appearance as an older woman, but this is like seeing pics of a gorgeous young Martha Stewart, just like WOW! WHO KNEW?!

Author — marley92282


There's something so fluid and energetic about her physicality here ... you can't take her eyes off her.

Author — annakellyvee


Movies need more of these one-shot scenes again...

Author — Books Tell Tales


Why Eddie Fisher left her I don’t know. What a Schmuck!

Author — Watermillfilms


There is something so loveable about Debbie Reynolds

Author — A J W


Love the way all the male dancers look at her especially the man who always look at her with a big smile Its really really make everything more than better

Author — GM Kittiya


Simply charming, Reynolds was one of a kind!

Author — AbsolutSCB


Her voice is mesmorizing, and she was perfect in her age

Author — B Parks