Laura Dekker - Youngest Circumnavigator to Sail Alone Around the World

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Born on a boat, Laura Dekker fell in love with sailing at a very young age. In her talk she discusses her adventures in sailing and being the youngest circumnavigator to sail alone around the world.

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Excellent video. We need more women like her and a lot fewer kardashian's

Author — Gary Smith


She did more for herself with that, than spending 4 years on high school and another 4 on the university. Not to mention spending 100k for education aswell. Good job, I'm proud.

Author — Shapka


All of a sudden Byonce doesn't seem so cool.

Author — Storyboard Dave


I thought it was a tough audience. This brave young girl is speaking in a second language about a fantastic achievement beyond the comprehension of the majority, I feel that they might have warmed to her more.

She is a sailor speaking in public not a public speaker talking about sailing.

That said what a fantastic and positive human being truly inspirational hat's off to her.

Author — BodyGuardOfLies1


amazing!!! я русский в восторге от Лауры!

Author — Laspi Group


Dang she cusses like a sai- oh, wait.

Author — Vendetta Visuals


Laura was allowed to fly and boy, did she fly!

Author — K R


remarkable young woman...I wish you a long adventurous and love filled life.

Author — Guide504


"It was the end of a dream, but the beginning pf my life." So poetic.

Author — Jorge Angarita Corzo


Awesome! It shows, that whoever taught her about sailing, also taught her about life...her dad, and mom. This is about essentials, and being confident enough, just not overconfident. I wish her a good life.

Author — Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS


A beautiful girl with a beautiful heart

Author — WindSolarHydroHuman


This is I call PASSION.Respect from, Pakistan.

Author — nana kala


I meet Laura and her partner in Whangarei, NZ - they were on a boat here, no surprise. There is always more to the picture, but the picture that needs to be painted clearly is that young people need to have the opportunity for adventure and excitement. In Laura's case she was fortunate her father was into sailing, so no co-incidence there. But it does not have to be sailing... there are other young people doing amazing things. I meet a guy who had walked the entire coast of the North and South Island's on NZ (I think it took him about a year?).. getting by as he could. As for the court case to try and stop her, well the World is full of (arrogant) "do gooders", all trying to make out they are doing "it" for the other person when that is nuts as all humans only do anything if there is a "pay off" to themselves - and the "pay off" to these do gooders is that people doing what Laura is doing does not fit their limited World view, so they blow a gasket... you can assume they never had an ounce of adventure in their lives, and look what they turn into. These same "do gooders" will also be the ones who run around blaming drugs and drug dealers, having "wars on drugs" and wondering what happened. Well if you stifle a young persons creativity and sense of adventure guess where they might find it ?... whilst adventure may carry risk, there is also the risk of not pursuing goals and dreams.. but that is never talked about... so if you are a younger (or even an older) person and have a dream, go for it, and you just have to accept that everything in life is a risk.. I am 63 and not putting my feet up for sure...

Author — Miles Dugmore


After watching this I realize I failed my kids, they haven't done sht at all for 18 years. and is my fault yes

Author — pooh shmoo


Laura, you are surely one of the very strong persons on this planet.
As a sailor with 40+ years of experienceI I can tell. I have 4 kids who I carefully involve in sailing; may they gain some of your strength. Thank you for sharing your experience! Blessings to you and to your future projects!

Author — Janis Germanos


What a beautiful young woman with strength of character.

Author — fretboard 267


190 haters with no courage or dreams of their own.

Author — why stona sipla fitwa futno


Laura Dekker was the youngest person to circumnavigate the world with stops. But Jessica Watson was the youngest person to circumnavigate the world non stop at 16. A great achievement by both Women.

Author — Woghole


I must admit, Laura Dekker has become a great inspiration for me :-D

Author — Just Another Dane


Just beyond amazing, impressive, and inspiring. What an ambassador for humanity and youth.I wish nothing but the very best for this young, extraordinary lady.

Author — anthony giordano