The Terrorists Who Attacked Congress At The President's Direction Came Prepared To Kill

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Stephen didn't get a lot of sleep last weekend, as horrific scenes from last week's violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol played over and again in his head. It now appears clear that the armed mob, who were organized and cheered on by the president and his GOP backers in the House and Senate, came to the nation's capital prepared to commit acts of violence against members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence.

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A failed coup that goes unpunished becomes a training exercise.

Author — Jim Hobson


Sinclair Lewis's quote: "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross" seems prophetic now in relation to Trump and Pence.

Author — Almudena


The point of impeachment too is so he can’t hold office again.

Author — ZombieGoddessxi


"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities."

Author — Alexo K


"But I want to point out that no AMERICANS were CHEERING for the *TERRORISTS BACK THEN!* "

I feel that. Real anger.

Author — Rai


"Impeachment will divide us." Unlike the division you done for 4 years so you can have long lasting power with easy to win elections, huh, McCarthy?

Author — mindlessgonzo


"It's not a Coincidence, it's a Consequence." Honestly, this is the wisest, quickest way to sum up everything. Did anyone else feel any resonance, or a sense of impact when he said that? Chills.😮

Author — Xandria


The "blue lives matter" mob literally beating a cop with an American Flag is gonna put so many Onion writers out of a job.

Author — Maxisamo1


Reasons to impeach Trump at this late date: 1) Trump will be ineligible to run again, 2) Trump will lose all post-Presidential benefits, such as Secret Service protection, $1, 000, 000/year travel allowance, $200, 000/year pension, access to classified briefings, office space. A better reason: without justice, there can be no peace.

Author — L. H.


"The fat man acted like a little boy." Pure genius. But how sad.

Author — Willynn Mcl


Wow.. it never dawned on me that we'd see a sequel to "Don and the Giant Impeach." I feel like we shouldn't ever see a sequel for an impeachment. Hollywood will reboot anything...

(Its remarkable how many people dont understand the joke here. We shouldn't have a president so bad that he needs to be impeached twice, its ridiculous. And "hollywood will reboot anything" is very clearly a jab at the movie industry. Hollywood obviously has nothing to do with this)

Author — Nick930


“ Hang Mike Pence” and Pence has no reaction. Unbelievable.

Author — Maria Gil


I finally figured out Trump's master plan to get Mexico to pay for a border wall. Make things so bad here that Mexico has to build a wall to keep fleeing Americans out.

Author — motaparatu


The intelligence agencies have been warning of the growing dangers of violent extreme right wing groups for some time now. No one should have been surprised.I certainly wasn’t.

Author — Roger Harvey


husband, to wife curled up on the floor with fresh cuts, bruises and broken bones: "i love you, you are very special. we need to get past this, unite, move on together. and don't forget, calling the cops will only make it worse."

Author — Nonya Bizness


"When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent." - Isaac Asimov

Author — Ms. Gregoria


I love the way they're now treating Agent Orange's name like a cuss word

Author — Shannon Stone


Trump: gets banned on all social media sites

Trump: “announcing my only fans”

Author — dumpster


Hey, DJTJ, next time you start complaining about a private media company kicking Daddy Trump off their platform:
*Think of Twitter as a Christian bakery, and Trump as a gay wedding cake.*

Author — Suzy Q


Stephen Colbert, more brilliant than ever.

Author — Ray Light