Luxury Toronto Estate Virtual Tour (2018)

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Luxury Estate Virtual Tour created by Flora Di Menna Designs located in Toronto, Canada.

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Since its establishment in 1987 under the creative direction of Flora Di Menna, this Toronto based Interior Design firm has garnered numerous awards for excellence in design for luxury residences, model homes and suites, corporate offices, and Condo amenity, sales centre and public spaces.

Flora Di Menna and her team are renowned for their lavish interior designs executed on time, and on budget. But clients also know and love them for the flawless execution of those designs, thanks to the comprehensive planning, obsessive attention to detail and wise choice of furnishings that are usually custom designed by FDM.

FDM’s approach is to treat every project individually, so that every design is tailored to the specific client and works within their budget and scope. On some projects, like the St Lucia SunDream estate, Di Menna pulled together the whole team – architects, engineers, landscape architects and her interior design team. Together they worked on the design of both interior and exterior to make the client’s vision become reality.

💬 Comments on the video

Never thought I would be able to to like a house like this one as much as I do. It is so new, fresh and filled with light. Love it.

Author — Mark Simpson


I think I just found my dream house!.
Well done Flora, this is an amazing house you designed!

Author — Ninh Ly


I have to say that this is the first house that I've seen where I Loved absolutely everything about it. I'll take it in Ottawa, please :)

Author — Jan Emily


Fake or not, gotta give credit where credit's due!

'Virtual' house tour was worth 16mins of my time today. Amazing visuals!!!!

Thank you Flora di Menna for creating and uploading!

Author — Zoe Says


Pls leave your shoes outside, my floor is cleaner than your shoes lol😜

Author — Marie Faustina


The most beautiful chandelier I ever seen. Hers WC is amazing. Missing a view of the other bedrooms.

Author — Caty CQ


I like how everything is in order and in place. I'm glad it looks uninviting because my home is my personal space no one allowed. Now I want to know is. How the hell did you guys get into my home. 😉😉😉

Author — Shon


Those seats in the movie theater look so comfy somebody will likely keep falling asleep and missing the whole movie.

Author — Dion Kelly


This home is absolutely beautiful, others say it’s uninviting but I think it would fit me perfectly.

Author — Evan Bullock


Essa sem duvida é a casa mais bonita que eu vi em todos estes anos de internet, mesmo sabendo que a decoração é virtual, ficou esplendorosa, e a planta da casa é magnifica, pena que não mostrou a parte dos quartos, parabéns aos idealizadores.

Author — c.z. França


i am doing all what it takes to get myself a better life.

Author — Nordino


Superou tudo que os meus olhos conseguiram ver até hoje

Author — Valeska Bolzoni


I have no words...my mouth is wide open and my eyes are gazing with excitement!! 💕💕

Author — Karen Hunter


I think you’re right. This isn’t a real place except for in a very high end server. It’s all graphics. This video cost more than some of the homes presented on the channel. It is simply stunning.

Author — The Maestro


To live in a place like this you would need to be C.O.D. or wear white gloves constantly. Beautiful but you would constantly worry about people touching and leaving finger prints.

Author — Val Val


Belicismo o desing, um imóvel incrível.

Author — Ivan Blan


I wish I could see the rest of the house I love the extra and somewhat of the Interior but I would change a few things what a dream home 🙇🏽‍♀️

Author — Anna Wintour


I can't breathe! This has truly taken my breath away....my God this is stunningly beautiful!

Author — Tesa Ferrell


please someone tell the details of this music track. its so soothing

Author — naveen kumar


Fantastic work. After seeing the closet I didn’t more convincing; I knew this was my house.🙏🏽😇

Author — Florencia Aurelien