Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.

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People are out here dying because inexperienced climbers wanna get an Instagram selfie?! 😂 How asinine is that?

Author — Andru Edwards


That Rick Roll was a Chekov's gun, you could see it coming a mile away. The thing with a Rick Roll is that you should: never foreshadow it. Never announce it. Never gonna run around around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

Author — Sarthak Wadhwa


I can imagine when the Sherpas come home they make fun of the climbers

Author — Brian Sempowski


This feels like a fitting metaphor for the narrative of the 1% and the self-made man. Many of the 1% will say, "Look at this incredible achievement that I've done through pure determination and grit. Isn't it impressive?" Whereas in reality the achievement was done through the exploitation of honest, underpaid workers doing the majority of the actual work.

Author — TheTron08


Would like to see John do an episode on "Influencers"

Author — Miguel Mota


It should be a requirement for everyone to have climbed K2 before getting approval to climb Everest.
This mass tourist issue would stop over night!

Author — lynnyfee


Announcer: "At least 11 killed..."
Americans: "Who
Announcer: "...including 3 Americans."
Americans: "Holy crap what a tragedy!!!"

Author — IcyMidnight


They somehow made something awesome, incredibly lame.

Ohh wow! You climbed Everest with your dining table, heated tent and crew of guides after paying $140, 000? you're so adventurous! You're the apex of human achievment! You and the other 4000 people who've done it.

Author — Tito Titoburg


They hardly talk about the guides as if they’re even human- are they even counted in the total climbers??

Author — Symphony Sonic


Highest ever phone call, huh? Man's outta be pissed when he hears about planes

Author — teodorwenno


I think the sherpa meant when saying we are like same family, he meant the relationships between the other sherpas, not the climbers... that tv presenter is so vain thinking its about climbers

Author — christina


I love you J. Oliver - am Bengali from this part of Nepal and the Sherpa community is amazing. Thank you for stepping up for them and pointing out how dumb tourists take advantage of them. (FYI - spit out my coffee at "squeezing the white guilt out of him" in response to the typical gracious Sherpa response).

Author — MyKrabi


I wanna see John Oliver give a sherpa an awkward hug like that, though I have a feeling John Oliver hugs are always awkward since he’s really just three owl in a business casual suit. With an extensive tie collection. We all need a hobby. 😂

Author — Arcadian Spark


Tourism has become a joke. The "been there; done that" culture is, itself, a joke.
Screw that.

Author — mistouko


On the other hand, the idea of rich people paying over ten thousand dollars to die on a mountain is objectively very funny.

Author — Churono


Does it speak to how nerdy I am that if a dude pulled out "Capitonym" on a first date I would be so impressed. It would definitely win him some points.

Author — Kristen C


Can we go back to throwing people over Niagara Falls? It's only an hour drive for me and there is a place that sells fudge. Really good fudge too.

Author — Sean Webb


John Oliver at his most badass. Rickrolling the audience, bashing the business daddy, trolling selfie addicts. Wow 😃😃

Author — Prabhdeep Singh


This could be easily titled: “How stupid selfish rich people continue to ruin everything that’s good.”

Author — Sh0t


The REAL HEROES of Everest are those Sherpas. Everyone else are posers.

Author — Geo Dez