VAN LIFE Self Isolation 🇹🇷ISTANBUL Turkey -Around the world drive

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In this episode we share the start of our self isolation here in Istanbul Turkey and why we decided to stay here. Van life self isolation - something we never thought we would say. Our around the world drive is currently paused - for how long???

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Travel vlog 294 | Istanbul | Country 30/197

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In case you don't know us - let us introduce ourselves - we are Chris (48) & Marianne (51). We are a married travel couple. We recently quit our jobs and sold our belongings to travel full time.

After more than 22 years of marriage we are still best friends

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Marianne and Chris

💬 Comments on the video

Lovely Turkish hospitality!!
Plenty to watch on Netflix. Enjoy!

Author — Margaret Cherry


I think you may be better off staying where you are. Things in UK are not good and may get worse. I really wish you all the very best. I am sure all your subscribers are thinking of you.

Author — barry8082


Don't go. Turkey is safer than England :/

Author — Baran İranlı


Guys, please just isolate where you are, you seem to be in the arms of a lovely and caring community there, how moving to see that, god damn, people are lovely aren't they. To move at the moment as you say would be inconsiderate to yourselves and other people. I imagine it'll start warming up soon where you are so a heater will be a distant thought, more likely aircon will be lusted after. get on that astro turf for a few laps walking for your daily exercise, ideal, soak up a few rays for the old vitiman D, spot on. There could be worst places to be, sit tight and see you on the other side of all this.

Author — John Johnson


Glad you are in a safe and secure place. Difficult to say when this will be over and you can move on. The local population has been generous and welcoming to you. Good public relations for Istanbul. Have you watched a serial called "Better Call Saul" I think you will enjoy it.

Author — barry8082


Only ever been to Istanbul as a flight stopover. Would love to actually visit once our van build is complete

Author — Callum & Tash


That is a well positioned Car park. Everything you need, what else could you ask for. Before you know it, you will be speaking fluent Turkish.
Continue to stay Positive Marriane and Chris and Before you know it Chris you will be in L.A Carlifornia. All the Best and Enjoy your time in Turkey. 😀👍🌞🌞🌻🌻🌻

Author — fiana jojiana


Have to pass by the 4-lane road that next to you everyday, let me know if u need anything.

Author — Arda Ayar


Im at home in self isolation in newyork city, i go out sometimes just for food shopping. I must say that its almost depressing here, but i m still smiling and feeling positive about future. People in quarantine dont do anything rather than going for food shoping. It doesnt matter wherever u r u could be in the uk, turkey or usa. I hope this crisis will end soon.

Author — Erd s


Turkish people are a society that loves guests. If you need anything, they will definitely help you.

Author — İsmail Baraş


Really loving your positivity through this difficult time. Its must be tough for you both stuck in the car park, stay strong guys!

Author — Ryan


I think you made the best decision to stay there...Have a nice week

Author — martina MF


Welcome to Turkey❤🇹🇷.You're so possitive and sweet couple . 👏🎉. I want to give a few and important advice about this process.
💎When you do shopping, you should vent them during a day (**all product including bags**) exactly. Because coronavirus can live on things.
💎If you say we can't do vent, you can do decontamination with cologne or you can wash all product with hot water.
💎These are so important
🌲🌳🏕🏞And you should do Blacksea tour exactly .You should see natural beauty .
You should go to Cappaddocia .You should do Agean and Mediterranean Tour exactly . ❤

Author — Doğa Sever


Bay leaf is important and essential of course :)

Author — Sefika Esen


Great to hear you on Radio Shropshire with Eric and Claire! X

Author — Louise Symonds


Hey guys you should go to Şile district there is a lot of camping place which you can feel a bit more comfortable. Check out “Şile Kamp Yerleri”. “Ağva Kamp Yerleri “

Author — Firuzeyi Beklerken


We talk about you guys a lot and feel that you are in a wonderful position during this time. You have a place to stay until this stuff is over and not pressured to “travel” through this mess which is risky at best! Thank you for sharing your incredible adventure! Even setting still you guys keep us entertained quite well!

Author — Discovering LockeNest


You are very lucky to have a yard you can walk around and enjoy the weather or the sun. I can't imagine being inside a flat for all this time. The situation seems getting better though. I hope everything will be back to normal soon. :)

Author — İrem Fırat


Good to see lovely people like you visiting Turkey :) . Nice channel btw :D. I discover u from news.

Author — Metin Yiğit Budaker


If you're ever in Istanbul again, take the passenger ferry to Buyuk Ada ( Big Island) 1 hr. ride each way. There is no motor traffic on this Island. You get around on horse and carriage or bike. The Island is full of interesting houses, beaches, restaurants. Best time to visit is on a week day. Also visit Rumeli Hisar, a castle a few km. north of Istanbul. We lived behind the castle when my father taught English at Robert College.

Author — bsn2ndsflat Davis