The Angle: Democrats move left and eat their own

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The Angle: Democrats move left and eat their own5
Tom Brokaw under fire for Hispanic assimilation remark; Oscars going without a host after Kevin Hart controversy. #IngrahamAngle #FoxNews

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They don't want our language. They just want our lifestyle.

Author — Bob L


You mean to tell me I have a career & worked hard for 25 years & learned the English language back in school for no reason? As a American of Hispanic origin let me tell the rest of the Latinos something, you either learn, adapt & work hard for what you want or you hope one day you come across a country with socialism that will give you everything that someone else paid for while you just stand there & breathe.

Author — 1776ERS


Didn’t we fight a war with Mexico? Didn’t we win that war? Why are we allowing them to conquer us now?

Author — Murlynd 73


*Go to China and try to get ahead by refusing to speak Chinese*

Author — Shadow Man


No one is going to watch the Oscars anyway.

Author — Tamela Archer


The older Brokaw gets the more he looks like a pig. In so many ways. . .

Author — Bruce Hanson


OMG! Democrats are so idiotic. Tom Brokaw said that learning English is vital to their growth. Im done with Democrats

Author — richard8221


Peru and alot of countries has english in their school work if they fail english they dont graduate...

Author — Julian Aultman


Yo im Latino and think everyone should learn english if they wanna live in the US. Why are some democrats crying about that ?

Author — DroidMod


this years Oscar's are hostless just like the tv audience is viewerless!! 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Arlie Hopes y


Pelosi emasculated trump and Fox News talking heads don’t know what the hell to say so it’s back to the old standard democrat bashing😂

Author — The Memo


Brokaw didn't say hispanics shouldn't speak Spanish; he is saying that they and, especially their children, should learn English. What the hell is wrong with that?

Author — James Allen


Democrats are TOTAL hypocrites. They believe in NOTHING AND NO ONE but them selves and their power. They say what they think is politically popular and that is why the stand for nothing.

Author — Karl Laphong


But if everyone speaks a common language then how are the liberals going to keep them in fragmented little groups convincing them that everyone is R A C I S T ! ! ! ! !

Author — Hunter Jones


Why in the hell do normal US citizens vote Democrats!

Author — X W


Even waiving an American flag IN AMERICA has become triggering and offensive.

Author — Ballsdeep Singh


Who would want to host the oscars and have their past dug up for anything that isn’t PC?
Put their career in jeopardy for what?

The oscars really screwed themselves and other award shows at the same time. Enjoy your pc world where nobody is free.

Author — Sailorjerry46


Why would they learn English if government does use Spanish in all government branches like welfare and DMV. English ONLY! You dont speak English, you get nothing done!

Author — Rene Renee


i'm surrounded by racist non whites who don't speak english in assimilation

Author — StormFront


In Poor Neighborhoods alot of Hispanics put grocery stores and businesses where you go in to buy food or items and cant read what you are buying. Its so irritating. It's like they dont want our( Americans) money. Our road signs are in English. Our money has English on it. I would never go to a country and not learn the language of the land. No one is wrong on asking Hispanics to assimilate to speaking English. Thats American. If you dont like it... Leave

Author — Angie Slays Nails