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After the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and tsunami killed about 18,000 people, the Japanese authorities embarked on a radical plan.

At a cost of $12bn, they are building a 15-metre-high anti-tsunami wall across 400 kilometres to divide the land from the ocean.

But it is also dividing local communities.

There are fears the wall could cause irrevocable environmental damage while still failing to protect those who live along the country's coastline.

101 East investigates whether the enormous concrete shield intended to keep Japanese citizens safe could itself prove damaging and dangerous.

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This is what I love about Japan, they really learn and improve. They may not have a control of the natural disasters but they make sure that it has less casualty.

Author — 조이


I realize that, the Japanese people are very strong in the face of disaster..

Author — Kondari Ahmad


"Everything man-made is destined to be destroyed. It's inevitable." he had lived long enough to know this truth.

Author — John


Japan schools teach good manner even on their preschool students..no wonder, Japan are so kinds and very friendly people.

Author — Love_ Angel0483


As seen in Attack on Titans, walls don't work.

Author — Martin N.


The wall worked one town (Fudai) totally safe from the 2011 Tsunami because their wall are the highest and strongest, thanks to one man who insisted the wall being 31 foot high despite everyone condemned him as insane.

Author — São João do mundo


Afterall japan is home of godzilla and titans.

Author — Tech Gurug


“We are going to build a wall, and Poseidon will pay for it” -Shinzo Abe

Author — TNF


Japan is always studies all sitution and accomplished. I admire the culture economy and technology of japan. Country i want to visit but only god knows when or how.

Author — Valdo vic


Thank You Al Jazerra for this coverage.
Haven't seen any US news about this.
Love many of your other documentaries.

Author — gjsterp


Another way of prevention is to move every town and villages that can be moved inward for safety. And make coastal cities protected with walls. Also make not complete walls but plant many trees with concrete structures that will cost less and only slow the flow of tsunami waters; in this way tsunami obstacles can cover more coastal line.

Author — symmetry08


I bet Mexico did not pay for that wall.

Author — Buddy Piper


i feel sad the idea of not seeing the ocean from your window and from every part of the town 🙁

Author — kap neo


GREAT WALL OF CHINA : Against Soldiers
GREAT WALL OF JAPAN : Against Tsunami
GREAT WALL OF USA : Against illegal immigrants

Author — THE HIPPO


I taught they gonna build wall like the one on AOT

Author — Mevius


After seeing the wall, it reminds me of Attack on Titan series...

Author — arjun


Great people know how to improve their self and their work and their country 💪

Author — mohamed ali


Wow Amazing Technology to build the Sea Wall or Great Wall of Japan.

Author — Diosdado Jr. Marquez


Natural calamities is a big big one problem. But that wall it has a potential to minimise damage

Author — Hey Man


Why not move the people higher? They covered the beauty of nature and all it comes for nothing. Like the man said; everything man made will be destroyed nature will always take its course.

Author — RareSense