Why is UK death rate among highest in world? - BBC News

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Why have there been more than 100,000 Covid deaths in the UK - the most in Europe - and among the highest in the world?

The coronavirus was first detected in the city of Wuhan in China a little over a year ago in late 2019.

The outbreak spread quickly across the world in the first months of 2020 and was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation on the 11th March.

So why is the UK’s death toll among the worst in the world? Why is it one of the countries that has been hit by the pandemic so much harder than others?

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by science editor David Shukman.


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Remember when BBC was debating if masks were useful for half a year.

Author — IKNFLY666


I remember when Boris was shaking hands with Covid patients in January...

Author — marek burniak


Whoever gave that "don't close border, cos it'd have already slipped through" advice from WHO needs to have their brain examined. It's probably here already, so let's allow more to come through? I mean, wth?

Author — Purr Nyan


Govt negligence and misleading information . Some of ministers and advisors should have fire or resigned .

Author — Rafi Ahmed


I like how "draconian lockdown" has become "robust action"

Author — Ongeri


Some societies have stronger civic responses and take on practices that benefit and protect others even if it mean discomfort for themselves.

Author — Mike Scharding


It's absolutely unbelievable that they are now only introducing the flight quarantines. It should have been in effect from day dot.

Author — Slack


Because we have self pleasurers in government, we've know for some time of the south african variant and its only now they're talking about quaratine for incoming arrivals lol.

Author — Mιƈƙ Mαɳ


Because boris is running the country. Give us a harder one next time.

Author — Russ


That's terrible. I'm just so fortunate not to have known anyone who's died of or With it, know anyone who knows someone who has died of or With it, or anyone online in nine months. #Blessed

Author — Jon Jon


This Gov, any gov in the UK for that matter are next to useless, don't listen to the experts and medical professionals, and do it all on the cheap...no wonder they call us ''the borrowers''. Were doomed with this lot.

Author — Dave Wills


Even when the pandemic is over we need to continue to wear masks when one is sick. It’s just curtesy.

Author — Fee Line


Because Boris and his chums have "done their best"

Author — Patrick Lauke


Prof in Queen Mary’s widely smiling as if the crisis is none of her concerns ! That’s why we ended up here !

Author — merro84


Because their scientist failed his science subject during secondary school 😂

Author — Noob Pootato


Doesn't take long to find out. Take a walk around anywhere in the day or night. Streets filled with people, kids and teens hanging round in big groups all over the place. Celebrities flying off abroad for holidays and encouraging others to follow them....the list is endless

Author — Jay Harrison


RIP to everyone who lost their lives and prayers to the families affected 🙏

Author — S0NALD


As per opinion of my brother Roni, "Now a days we are the viruses in the world. So the Earth injects the medicine."

Author — argha raha


I live in Vietnam and I'm so proud to say that my country's government is really good at controlling COVID 19 . ^.^

Author — Mai Ngọc


NEVER forget how they protected Jimmy Saville

Author — Honesty Sun