Two-year-old boy rescued from washing machine

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Firefighters have rescued a two-year-old boy in China who became stuck in a washing machine. The little one managed to get his leg stuck tightly in the basket of the spin dryer, after climbing in to fetch his toy on Thursday. His parents carried the machine out of the house and called local firefighters for help. Crews rushed to the site and took to disassembling the washer to free the boy as soon as possible. Several rescuers gradually cut the washer open and after about half an hour, the boy was rescued. The two-year-old was then sent to hospital but luckily wasn't injured. Report by Claire Lomas.

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"Your kid use our machine! You pay now!"

Author — Simon


ITN, have you ever considered changing the channel name to "Chinese babies get stuck"?

Author — hb0x


Chinese toddlers get stuck + Fire fighters come to rescue + children are saved and not injured = happy ending = likes from viewers = profit

Author — PandaLivesMatter


Aww poor child was hurt and crying 😢😢😢

Author — Fam H


Thank god his head wasn't stuck in there

Author — Bashae 2cute


gimana anakx. gk keurus, sanpei masuk kedlm lobang mesin cuci

Author — Harapan Hati احبه بعمري


Wtf is wrong with china and all of their babes getting stuck somewhere

Author — No Name


why does everything happen China but it's so sad though

Author — mlky sushy


ALLAH TALA Rehm Frmain or sbko Apny Hifzo Aman me Rkhain or APNA Fzl or Karam Krain sb pe Ameeen Suma Ameen

Author — Tayyab Ali


هههه الحمد لله على السلامة يا عمري ماشاءالله.

Author — Kouki Belle


Awww :( I feel so bad :( but how to Chinese people always get stuck in stuff ;-;

Author — Latrice Weatherspoon


mothers must take care of there kids !!!

Author — Zohra Khan


Ok I have nothing to say, consider I cannot imagine this will happen in HK in about 30 years..

Author — Unamed Texture


that kid needs a DO NOT WASH IN WASHING MACHINE tag

Author — tsrnfy


Where the hell where the parents??? That this even happened.

Author — Katie Lusher


How did the small boy went inside the washing machine

Author — THT Vlogs


Now his Momma has to go buy a new washing

Author — ToonandBBfan