The Protests In Kashmir That India Didn't Want You To See

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NEW DELHI-- Chants of “Long live Mother India!” and “down with Pakistan!” rang out in the streets, as crowds gathered to hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak atop the massive, Mughal-era, Red Fort for Independence Day.

As Indian’s celebrated the birth of the world's biggest democracy, members of Modi’s massive fanbase hailed his recent revision to the constitution -- ending the state of Jammu and Kashmir’s special autonomy.

“I must say Modi is like a god to India today. Terrorism will end. The fact is that Kashmir is ours now.” Vijay Rashtravadi, a in New Delhi told VICE News.

Modi’s decision splits India’s only Muslim-majority state in two parts -- and into ‘Union Territories’ -- which means Kashmir will lose representatives in parliament, and the central government will have directly control.

The move has angered Pakistan, which lays claim to Kashmir. Their leader compared Modi’s “arrogance” to that of Hitler’s in a tweet on Thursday.

“It’s my hope that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir will be ours soon, also” Rashtravadi said. “It’s my hope Modi will quickly make it ours, too.”

While people paraded in the nation’s capital, independence celebrations in Srinagar, Kashmir’s capital, were orchestrated -- largely missing attendance by folks who actually live there.

“Kashmiri’s have lost 5,000 years of history as a country.” Hameeda Nayeem, a professor at Kashmir University told VICE News. “Overnight their identity, their dignity, their everything has been lost.”

The valley has been under lockdown for 12 days, as the government moved an additional 35,000 soldiers into the region. Internet and communications are blacked out, opposition politicians have been detained, and large public gatherings were banned.

“This is all bullshit,” Nayeem said. “They are actually hiding a dark Hindu fantasy of destroying Kashmiri Muslims and reducing them to a miniscule minority, so that they can always rule them and they will be enslaved.”

Kashmiri’s still protested --many waived Pakistani flags, and some were seen unfurling banners of a local Islamic-state affiliate.

While India initially denied protests last week, calling media reports “fabricated” they eventually recognized “widespread unrest.” Today, India announced it would start to ease its restrictions in Kashmir gradually.

“You are creating a dynamic which is pushing violence forward. Why is that done? That is also done deliberately to provoke this violence.” Dr. Ajai Sahni, Executive Director at the Institute for Conflict Management told VICE News. “So you create this whole demonization of the Muslim which assists in your Hindutva consolidation.”

Downgrading democracy is Kashmir is likely to push people towards an insurgency that Pakistan is accused of sponsoring -- feeding the popularity of recently re-elected Modi, who has styled himself as India’s Chowkidar, or “Guardian.”

Video produced by: Angad Singh, Zubair Ahmed Dar, Supreet J. Bargi and Akash Bisht
Video Editing by: Adam Deniston

This segment originally aired on VICE News Tonight on HBO on August 15th, 2019.

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Hardline Indian nationalists are celebrating while Kashmiris see a "dark Hindu fantasy."

Author — VICE News


Suddenly terrorist seeing hindus as a terrorist.
😂😂😂 hidutva.😂😂
maa chudao sab ke sab

Author — sumit sahab


5000 years ago who lives there....that one first clearly tell...😳😳

Author — IT'S ABHI


Revenge for Kashmiri pandits remember them

Author — Rdx manish


out of all the footage, u wanted to stick only a child clip and women protest ??

Author — Thepac


When army came for rescue during floods were where this azadhi mongers

Author — Champion


2:55 Was that a mistaken mistranslation, VICE?
You guys call yourselves journalists?
Fabricating the meaning behind the Kashmiri voices! How justified is this?

The guy chanted, "What's our relationship with Pakistan?", and you captioned it "Join us with Pakistan."

I guess it's time to fire some people, VICE or a delegation from India will see you in the ICJ.

(As far as I've read law, this does not constitute "Freedom of Speech & Expression".)

Author — mudit dixit


2:55 wtf he didn't even say that. Why TF are you twisting in suntitles

Author — Dinesh Bishnoi


The more fuel BBC and western media add to this thing. They should wait a few years from now. And let karma show them what the middle east migration will do to their countries😂😂.

Author — digender mahara


Well we all know the story of Pharaoh .

Author — Programmers Valley


It's a humble request please don't show incomplete report.
Try to do a bit more research before uploading.

Author — Daniel Crouford


This hard decision will prevent kashmir from being an isis controled land

Author — Chayan Sarkar


"One Nation One Constitution" bht khoob Modi iskeliye force ka ya dabao ka necessary nahi Gandhiji Ko follow karo, pyaar se baat karo aur solve Kashmir se chote chote bachcho Ko ghar se mat uthao...

Apna tarika are Indian but indaian government ki kamjoori ki wajeh se aaj kasmir me yeh halat

Apna bahana Apne paas rakhe....yeh mat bolo ki Pakistan is sending jihadi's, mujahid's or chahe toh isko control kar sakte

Fine example: Kasmir ka Ghar Ghar se jawan ladko Ko utha sakte toh Khonsa, Tirap se kyon nai?!!!....yahan bhi Toh NSCN bhar bhar ke India's government decides to eliminate NSCN from Arunachal Pradesh, it will take just bhi toh NSCN ka problems decades ho gaye kya rahe hai Indian toh karta hai sale sare Hypocritical idea pe chalne wale political leaders Ko mout ke ghar utar du....

( Specially for those who match it)..You corrupt, inhuman, intolerant, stupid and ugly politicians, aap suicide kar lo toh hi behtar hoga is Desh

Sala ek terrorist ko bhi MP elect karte ho tum log.... manipulation ka haad paar kar diya hai tum corrupt politicians ne

Author — Anjite Umbe


its about Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh not just Kashmir.

Author — S D S


Living with two citizenship, being the resident of the state on which the Govt. Of India is spending crores of public money and that money is being collected from the people of rest of the states of India, when so called Leaders of opposition who are spending lakhs of that money to renovate the residence of CM rather than doing their job at such time the Kashmiris don't have problem when the Kashmiris Pandits were killed and massacred and their family were forced to settle else where at that time these people did not have problem. When you are ready to consume the resources of India then why you can't accept being an Indian. If you cannot accept that then leave the land and flee away .. But Kashmir is and will remain integral part of India. And stop this non sense that these people are showing the world that Kashmir is a Muslim land after independence it is belongs to our Nation ....

Author — Ten Hut


Lose representation in parliament? Utter nonsense. Even UTs are given representation in the parliament. The utter negligence of facts in the write up shows the true nature if this channel

Author — Achu S


Thanks for the true news of kashmir. You help the Kashmiri peoples and humanity. God bless you.

Author — Muhammad AAMIR


The dislikes of the video showed the power of 1.4 billion Indian population that are all pissed off on this video😂

Author — Leo 's


God never kills it’s the Brainwashed greedy humans

Author — Journey of my soul


In sha Allah jo ginti k ho unheiny bhi mita k rakh denge

Author — Live 4 Humanity