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The US remains the epicentre of the pandemic, with close to 3 million confirmed cases. In Latin America, the health system is under pressure in Bolivia, Brazil’s cases have passed 1.6 million and the government in El Salvador has delayed reopening the economy. India has recorded almost 700,000 confirmed cases - the world’s third highest total. Israel has re-imposed some restrictions after a spike in infections. Two Australian states have shut down their shared border for the first time in more than a century due to a cluster of cases in Melbourne.

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Whoever is reading this I hope you stay well and stay safe

Author — Ever Faster Racing


Can reporters PLEASE use their masks CORRECTLY?! COVER YOUR NOSES!!

Author — randoom3


Malaysia now being the most safest Country in world we're 99% free from covid-19 🥰🇲🇾

Author — Mr Anime97


US, leader said "we are in good place " "lowest dead rate "

Author — Mole Js


people starts buying suitcases for holidays already so it is more to come

Author — Jacek Luszczak


106 coronavirus-related deaths in whole of Australia where 24.99 million people live.

Author — princess 9


Are they having a second peak when there first peak wasn’t even finished yet?

Author — Saudi Prince


Let me fix that title: "spam updates from around the world."
Stop. Spamming. Now. Please. How many bloody times do we have to ask?

Author — Stijn Hommes


Cover your nose buddy! I go to Tim Horton drive through daily. Once I saw a young man preparing my food with a mask hanging below his nose. Maybe I'm the idiot because I still get take out food.

Author — Piedone21


The reporter in Paris needs to be coached on how to wear a facemask! Please!

Author — Penny Locke


Send bunker boy in these hospitals and let him see the virus up close!

Author — Sara Jane


😭😭 when is this going to end? I just want people to stop losing loved ones

Author — Lilx Riku


The new Henry Ford Medical Center study results are out. Truly amazing.

Author — jtcouch


EVOLUTION, EVOLUTION, EVOLUTION. The world, this planet is fighting back at a bigger virus. Humans, you, me, us, global warming, food shortages, polluted oceans. In 10 years this planet will no longer be able to sustain the massive poppulation growth. The human life span exceeds any other species on this planet.

Author — J O


Correction: the outbreak in Victoria did not start in the public housing tower blocks. It started in the Quarantine hotels in Melbourne.
The focus has been put on the tower blocks to distract people from the massive f*ck up that happened in the hotels.

Author — C M


Solution to the virus: stop being a coward and realize people get sick sometimes

Author — Teaandcrumpets


It’s all manipulative. Docs interview at beginning has placed mask pic with home and a heart at the back of him. Grrrr

Author — leo lee


I thought donny said this will just go away in the summer

Author — Wu


Bloody hell! Comments allowed! ... What's happening 😱

Author — Climbatize


Why are magats keeping up with the virus. I thought it was a hoax.

Author — Vicki Crawford