FNC vs G2 Highlights | LEC Summer 2019 Week 7 Day 2 | Fnatic vs G2 Esports

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FNC vs G2 Highlights | LEC Summer 2019 Week 7 Day 2 | Fnatic vs G2 Esports5
FNC vs G2 Highlights | LEC Summer 2019 Week 7 Day 2 | Fnatic vs G2 Esports

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fanatic starts to be way to predictable with their picks most of the teams have them figured out in my opinion

Author — Samuel Legutky


G2 is way better than these one tricks lol

Author — Badr Ait Jelloul


Honestly Hylissang is way off in this game, he was trying too hard to force fights. Oh and not to mention Broxah, just Broxah :D

Author — Kepitano Ahmad


Rekkles was put on Karma because I think it's his only good pick (5W - 0L before this match) in games with fast tempo that G2 plays. Overall his champion pool are lategame hypercarries that would not work out against G2 early aggression. I also think Jankos was the key to victory as he quickly adapted and outplayed Broxah leaving him out of gold after Broxah's early plan (Ganks>jungle camps). Hyli wasn't playing very well, but it happens, in Spring Split he won the game because of destroying G2's inhib and you act like that didn't matter anything. I am G2 fan and I need to remind you that LUL

Author — sohu


What are you doing hylisang 😮😮😮😮 what are you doing fnatic

Author — melek kara


LEC Finale: g2 3 - 0 Fnc . Second fastest series. In my Opinion. I cant see a world where G2 looses a series if they are playing serious.

Author — Mihael Bogdanovic


- Fnatic 2018: 2nd best team in the world - huge champion pool, mostly unpredictable.
- Fnatic 2019: One - Tricks, barely beats XL, loses to G2 in under 25 mins

Author — OS!


Caps eski arkadaşlarının ekmeğine yağğğğ sürüyor coniiii. Eski arkadaşları da bunu izliyor lan kalk kapat bilgisayarı

Author — Riff


I think the problem also is that Fnatic is relying too much on hylisang as playmaker/initiator. He was playing about 2/3 games this split as rakan/pyke, two mobile supps that are good in initiating fights. You could see in this game when he is not on mobile champ he is still playing like he was. And many times he overextended and was killed by g2. Idk why many teams don't ban rakan VS fnatic like g2 did.

Author — Greed


So good to watch a g2 tryhard game vs fnatic, the fights are so explosive




Author — Likos


You all are gold 5 stop talking if you have no idea what you are talking about please..

Author — Charles Lamar


@0:45 Broxah had ult and might have been able to save hyli with a good barrel since G2 was all close together.
TL;DR They just played bad and G2 was the better team.

Author — Snakeboy


3.34 that amount of gold from the pyke

Author — leeheeze


Hello my name is Nemessis and my pocket (only) pick is ad tf

Author — Adnox


When i see another karma adc i am gonna rage

Author — JxJtr4p