Agatha Christie's Poirot T1E03 - La aventura de Johnnie Waverly (Subtitulado Español)

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Serie de televisión emitida por la cadena ITV, desde 1989 hasta 2013 y protagonizada por David Suchet.

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Author — Martin Aranda


Poirot was a kind, gentle man, and a gentleman. Not many like him in the world. 😘

Author — Tinthia Clemant


Los 17 dislikes, pobrecitos, nacieron sin células grises.
Se ruega un minuto de silencio por la defunción de su cerebro.

Author — Rojo Merlin


Big thanks to all the people who kept and maintained those ancient automobiles and trucks.

Author — WJack97224


I keep watching Poirot, to find that Hastings is not only prejudiced against “foreigners”, but a certainty to leak information to the suspects. Christie has made sure that Poirots’ character is “always holding back of the pertinent informations. Oui.”

Author — Deborah Duthie


We all know that David Suchet is a wonderfully talented actor, but I must say Hugh Fraser also does an incredible job of playing Hastings! The naivete, kindliness, childlike admiration and fondness for Poirot seem so genuine, one would swear they are real emotions, not play-acting. That brief parting scene at the train station at the end is so moving....

Author — Arabzene


How convenient for the kidnappers, that the police, with all those men on site, decide to leave the boy unguarded!! They could have left 10 men in the room, not losing the boy out of their eyes!! But with even just one policeman at the boy's side, at all times, he would never have been kidnapped!!

But noooo, everybody leave the boy's side, leave him alone in the room!! Because no way that could go wrong, in old mansions, every one of which always has a couple of hidden corridors and rooms.

I mean, I really like these stories, but with plot holes this large... It just takes away from the immersion.

Author — Mier Beuker


Definitivamente Miss Lemon es la única persona capaz de ser su secretaria, también tiene sus manías 😂. Pero las pantuflas HP sí que me hicieron reír.

Author — Noelia RIVBRI


Suchet is the Absolute BEST!!! GRACIAS!!!

Author — Gideon0297


Love this use to watch these Episodes on A&E and I’m glad I found them on here I just love Jesus programming I loved poirot. I love him he’s So quirky I love the way he solves the mysteries always figures it out the plots are never dull or boring better now the programs on

Author — Melissa Davis


Superb television quality, far exceeding anything currently hailed as good stuff, though in all honesty I wouldn't know for sure what is currently hailed as good stuff: it's years since I gave up modern shows.

Author — Rod Luftalchimist


Y una vez más Poirot con sus células grises resuelve el caso!!
Vuelvo a decirlo, me gustan mucho esos autos antiguos. Como me gustaría tener uno. Es mi sueño.

Author — Baron Meier Link


Martín me gusta mucho estas historias de Hércules poirot pero ponlo en español todas están formidables. Geasias Rebeca de chiapas

Author — Becki Torija


Gracias!!! por los subtítulos, los doblajes son detestables.❤

Author — Cristina Sottile


Me encanto este capitulo que hermoso lugar y Poirot siempre descubre al culpable Gracias Martin

Author — Marta Diaz Fernandez


Las tramas de los episodios son mucho más sencillas en comparación con las de las películas, pero se disfrutan mucho. Gracias Martín por compartirnos las aventuras de Hercule Poirot.

Author — Sergio Ramón Rodríguez Cajiga


Martín, siempre te agradezco por subir estas series. Si puedes subir mas del inspector Maigret con subtitulos en español o en español, sería maravilloso. Nos has ayudado mucho para evitar la depre de la cuarentena. Gracias.

Author — Antonia Valle


Muchas gracias por subirlo, me encanta escuchar a Poirot en su idioma original 🤗🤗✨

Author — Jacqueline Stephanie Curay Ulloa


Put the kid in a room with all those police and see what happens. This is where Christie fell short of good storytelling.

Author — sassiebrat


Como se ofendió Poirot cuando dijeron que seguro era un extranjero jajaja y las pantuflas lol es un divino.

Author — Sone Blink