Daily Fantasy Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Daily fantasy sports sites claim they are not gambling enterprises, but they seem awfully…gamblish.
If only their ads were more truthful.

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Draft Kings advertises on porn sites and if it advertises on porn sites, you know you shouldn't try it.

Author — ahouyearno


I checked the source for their website, and they genuinely do have the keywords "british nerd, brit dork, news goof, birdy fact funny man". Lols. Commitment that!

Author — Maffoo


he makes boring topics interesting and looks like an owl

Author — Vinh Le


I definitely want to see John Oliver play James Bond.  It's an idea whose time has come.

Author — Lee Brown


wtf I'm actually beginning to wonder if Janice in Accounting is an actual person that works for HBO

Author — Mike Watkinson


"Do they pay something to play? Do they win something? It's gambling."

Tell that to EA and Ubisoft

Author — Jack Daft


I'm still waiting for James Bond: Aversion to Violence, starring John Oliver.

Author — Anton Brakhage


"Hey Jocks, how does it feel to be a nerd's bitch?"
My new favourite line in this entire series.

Author — Nikki Budders


I would watch "007: Aversion to Violence".

Author — Lawrence Gillespie


In case anyone's curious, the only teams not involved with daily fantasy are the Saints, Seahawks, Cardinals and 49ers.

Author — slycooper20


Interesting the 1% of winners are not these sports experts or even jocks, it's the "NERDS" with mathematical and statistical skills. LOL I love it😹

Author — Tricie W


I can see it now.
'The names Oliver, John Oliver'
*James Bond theme plays*

Author — Katelyn Sincavage


This might actually be Seth Rogan’s best work.

Author — Protips


My proudest gambling moment was when I entered an ultra low stakes 10 cent online poker tournament. After spending 4 hours on it, I finished 181st out of 40, 000.

I won $2.20. I made $2.10 after 4 hours of work :(

Author — dorpth


My friends and I were in a fantasy football league, and we all lost to my mother, who knows nothing about sports.

Author — Noah Fischer


i love last week tonight with bird fact funny man

Author — Mauga1


John Bond: The British Spy Comedian that will K.O. you with his jokes

Author — Roman Wing


You are a british man on a suit, all you need now is a taste for martinis and you're basically ready

Author — Incendere


Fun fact: One of the best Fantasy Football players in the world (being rank 1 at a point) is world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. So yeah

Author — Nacho TDK


Finally. Sunday night fap routine. Thanks John!

Author — MetroGnome