Dramatic New Footage Shows Fierce Fighting as Turkey Launches Syria Strike

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Fighting between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkey-backed opposition troops has continued during the night near the Syrian border.

Yesterday Turkey launched a military operation against Kurdish fighters in Syria, with the aim of creating a 32km “safe zone” along the border.

Turkey considers the dominant force in the SDF, the Kurdish YPG militia, as an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK).

This comes right after President Donald Trump decided to withdraw US troops from the area, citing a campaign promise.

Kurdish fighters were important allies for the US-led coalition against the Islamic State group in the region.

#OperationPeaceSpring #Erdogan #Syria

Report by Gianluca Avagnina.

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Operation Peace Spring. What a joke they've bombed dams that supplies water to very 1.5 million people.

Author — mrBASSic


best time to seize land is when the other side is weak from prolonged war

Author — David Boson


I think Stalin uttered similar safe space nonsense when he invaded Finland.

Author — donald johnson


00:23 the fortnite mechs dropping in like

Author — Nitro_GethinB0z


the deal was kurds do most of the fighting against isis and work with america and america keep turkey away from slaughtering them and they did theirs and youre leaving them. Stop it. Funny how americans now call anyone who don't want to see their allies slaughtered pro war. No Americans have lost their lives being deployed to stop turkey from killing kurds. Any American that has died in syria which is literally like below 10 last time I checked got killed by the now defeated isis. So aka just a few guys deployed stops turkey from slaughtering your allies you had a deal with but that's war mongering okay boys I see.

Author — LuvMyWohdes 14


Yeah wars that your past administration started, Helloo

Author — cortes Juan


All of you turks in the chat must realize your country is breaking the Geneva convention by dis placing these refugees

Author — disputed name


oh cmon NATO, just remove turkey from the membership 😘

Author — Wibowo PR


הודים תומכים בלוחמים כורדים וב- YPG להגנה על זהותם התרבותית. אנקרה תפסיד בסופו של דבר,

Author — mani Singh


Amerika'nın arkasına saklamayın.Mertce çıkın ve bizimle savaşın.Pkk yi yokedecegiz



How can they attack the Kurds after they helped get rid of the terrorists says a lot that does

Author — mikez man


the turks will get kicked out of NATO and assad will drag his russian friends into this. bye bye turkey

Author — MATTIUS


Some countries support terrorists. this is unacceptable.

Author — y lcn


حرامزاده چه اسمي هم گذاشته رو عمليات خبيثانه اش، چشمه صلح!!!!

Author — imansiz yashasin


There going to have there hands full with the Kurds especially since there pretty much already dug in, and from what I can tell the Kurds are fearless warriors and extremely Disciplined, including there women, who western feminists could learn a thing or two from

Author — Billy Hunt


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu🇮🇱 10.10.19

Israel strongly condemns the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish areas in Syria and warns against the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds by Turkey and its proxies.
Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the gallant Kurdish people.

Author — Israel 4-Ever


Is there ANY politician who have not yet fooled Trump?

Author — Mika Pintaar


PKK/YPG-PYD is not a Kurdish movement but on the contrary a terrorist organisation that also murders Kurds.

Author — Murad Muradli


Breaking news: U.S. forces say Turkey deliberately launched artillery rounds near them in Syria (The Washington post).

Author — Mr. Hiram


The terrorist PKK, which is called "kurdish freedom fighthers" by Europeans, has killed 3 Turkish civilian in Akcakale, Syria border.And one of the victims was a baby.That's why we are launching military operation against them.Anyway you can't see the news' like that in BBC, CNN.

Author — No Idea