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China on the early hours of Tuesday claimed that the Indian army crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It further also claimed that the India troops fired “warning shots” near the Pangong Tso lake in eastern Ladakh to which their soldiers took “countermeasures”. According to the sources, Chinese troops advanced in Indian territory.

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Support for our Indian brothers and sisters 🇵🇭🇮🇳

Author — praise the fucking swordfish, you heretics


These noodles guys are itching for Escalation and War

Author — nagananda hs


China support terriorist in Pakistan against India

Author — Arun Kumar


I am with India ! Love from Los Angeles COMMIE_FORNIA

Author — M0HAWK HMS


As a Pakistani I think China will surrender just like 1971.

Author — Mr. Peas be upon me


Free HK Taiwan tibbet Xinjiang Balochistan 💪💪💪

Author — Arun Kumar


Boycott Made in China (Corona Virus communist Nation)

Author — Rambo 007


I've been telling since january to recognise Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet as separate nations. Not unless then Chay-na will fear. India hasn't even gave the chaynese a response to their bio weapon. Now's the time.

Author — Diamond Castle


India should sign the Indo US Japan defence pact. Enough

Author — anshul mehta


They really want to start WWIII don't they? unbelievable

Author — Robert G.


Like dragon they will also get extinct.

Author — anmol kumar


Yang Lee Zao...the Eunuch is changed his father again 😂 😂😂

Author — A G Krishnan


China is gonna delay this till the Us elections...
I hope Trump wins and their dreams gets crushed...

Author — Meena Khandelia


द्वंद कहा तक पाला जाए
युद्ध कहां तक टाला जाए
तू भी है राणा का वंशज
फेक जहां तक भाला जाए।

Jai Hind 🇮🇳



Is this war? Because China is advancing now.

Author — Mars Mission 2026


Military QUAD ( US, JAPAN,INDIA,AUSTRALIA) has now become essential against hegemonic China.

Author — Truth Wins


India, Japan, US and Australia. The QUAD meeting is soon going to be in New Delhi. Chyna is scared of this alliance and therefore making provocative border tensions. It seems Chyna has forgotten that their PLA couldn't even defeat smaller countries like Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam. If They mistake India as the 1962 version, then lets teach them the Humiliation of 1967 once again. Nanjiang Massacre 2.0 will be in Beijing next 🇮🇳🇯🇵🇺🇸🇦🇺 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻



It looks like the meetings were a waste of time!

Author — Hairy John


Xi jing ping is acting like a small 15 year old kid who expects others to treat him better than what he does !!!

Author — jupiter


Drop a couple of ATGM on their tents. The prawns will start Jumping...!

Author — Neeraj Sharma