Rajinikanth's Big News: No Political Party After All

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Actor Rajinikanth, who finally appeared ready to launch his political party, has put brakes on his political career. Two days after being discharged from hospital -- where he was admitted on Friday following blood pressure fluctuation -- the actor released a statement which read: "With extreme sadness I say that I can't enter politics. I alone know the pain I went through while announcing this decision." "Without entering electoral politics, I will serve the people. This decision of mine will disappoint my fans and people but please forgive me," the statement read.

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Confusing the people for years and finally running away quoting Covid. He is fit for acting in cinema only.



Im sure the hospital admission was a drama to fool people.

Author — Tamilarasi Renganathan


Chronology samjhiye
New party announcement
Hospitalised in Hyderabad
No political party 😎

Author — tabrez tabrez


TN escaped. Good decision. Our superstar should live healthy.

Author — Hanan Ajmal


Yes, it is expected. He has been indecisive. He may be a good actor. But still he could not act as a grand father, though he is a grand father. He chose only HERO roles. Politics is much more than playing a Hero..good he did not come to politics.

Author — manchikanti murty


Good decision considering his health status.

Author — Girish Kallianpur


Politics itni easy hoti na toh Pappu aaj PM hota 😂

Author — francis laurence


Rajini is rhe only person who retired from "politics " even without entering politics and he cleverly applied on vomitsa and mkdi face

Author — Kusu Rati Fekuchor


Why not Stop doing movies.. for same reason..!!

Author — Manoj G


Rather be a coward than a dead hero. Good decision

Author — Ramen Naidoo


Rajinikanth has taken the correct decision. Good for his health and legacy.

Author — Gashgo


No need to enter politics he can start service by airing his views on farmers protest and see what is in store for him.

Author — new reach


We tamil people know this will happen .. when the time he said he will start party..
But not so soon🤣

Author — chenduransaravanan k


First batsman to get run-out before entering the ground.

Author — R Torontonion


Right decision.
Don't spoil your health because some goons are paying money to you and instigating you for political purposes

Author — Vetrivel R


Firstly he needs to take care of his health. Entering politics he will loose his image.

Author — dark knight


Rajini is the only person to retire even before entering politics

Author — mat sta


Somebody have bought him over.
Then why all the hype. Fans have been made fools.
Annathe a zero.

Author — Sudhakar Maniam


BJP had cleared him of all tax evasion cases by letting him pay some lowly amount(for him) of around 65 lakhs. Of course BJP would have been expecting payback. Next move from BJP awaited....

Author — SK K


ரசிகர்கள் வேண்டுகோலுக்கு இணங்க அன்னதா படத்தில் கட்சி தொடங்கி மக்களுக்கு சேவை செய்வது போல் காட்சி அமைக்கபடும்..
-- தலைவர் ரஜினி

Author — Interesting World