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Here is my Noria Full Playthrough!

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Excelent! By the way - how much time does it take to shoot the video like this?

Author — Denis Kuptsov


Great playthrough
One rule question. You talk a few times about activating wheel 1 and 3 even though there is no chit in wheel 2. I am pretty sure you can't do that. Look at page 5 top right, in the rule book.

Author — Carlei81


Excellent play through. The reviews have been on the fence about this game so far, so much so that I had been thinking about cancelling my preorder. I really enjoyed watching that though, and can't wait to play it myself. Thanks.

Author — RedEyedGhost


I have a question: as you pointed out with an overlay, the bonus disc needs to be resolved first. But the rulebook says “do an action from a disc you have already activated this turn”, so it seems you actually cannot use the bonus disc as your first action and it’s better using it as your last action so you potentially have two other discs to choose from.
Was there an errata that changed what’s on the rulebook?

EDIT: I think the errata is the other way around. The ORIGINAL rules said you had to choose the bonus disc action as your first and decide which other disc to activate twice; the more recent rules say that the bonus disc lets you reactivate a disc you already used in your turn.

Author — Marco Tuzzi


Great video. Your explanations of each players' thought process is clear and I like that. Just like RedEyeGhost below, I've been on the fence spending $60 dollars on this game since the reviews label it as mediocre. Looks like I'm 5 months behind here, so you might not remember enough about the game to answer my question. Lots of the recent BGG comments on the game mention that the game is too unbalanced in favor of players who build factories at the first of the game to generate 3 or 4 knowledge each turn. After seeing your playthrough, I question that reasoning. If a player just spent time traveling and building factories, wouldn't that come at the expense of building resource airships - meaning, they'd be resource deprived at the end of the game? What do you think? Could the game be 'broken' as it were, if a player only focused on factories first? Or, is there enough diversity with the resource management that the game could still be kept interesting.
Thanks again for the video and for taking time to read this comment.

Author — Robert H


@19:45 you say that you can do only one "golden disc" activation per turn, but that's not true. On your turn, you may do at most 4 actions in total. That means you may activate two golden discs in one turn, but then you won't be able to activate a third disc.

Author — Klaus Nehren