Best Moments in Presidential Debate History

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Ahead of the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, here's a look at top moments from previous general-election encounters. Photo: AP

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bush: I love my grandchildren
Lady: How

Author — TS Fallout


"Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."


Author — Caleb Hodgson


Why am I watching this I'm not even American

Author — Grant Bowtie Fan Account


Obama says Russia isn't the biggest threat to the US, those were the days.

Author — Jude Furr


It's funny how Romney was actually right about Russia, even if he didn't really have a clue what he was talking about or why they would be a threat today.

Author — Crosby4hyg


I'm a Democrat and I gotta say that last clip of Obama doesn't look great for us right now lol

Author — Cj Scanlon


"1980 called, it wants its geopolitics back"
Offstage: "President Obama"
"It's 2018 on the line. They have some news about Russia"

Author — Tyler Smith


The best part is at the end "The 1980s called they want their foreign policy back."

Author — miten patel


"I will not exploit, for political reasons, my opponent's youth and inexperience."
-- Ronald Reagan

Author — thegrandfinale2


"Cold War's been over for 20 years" lmao oh the irony mr. obama

Author — Spencer Vines


well at least romney wasn't wrong about russia!! lol

Author — Lachlan F


2016 election summed up in 1 sentence:
“Because you’d be in jail.”

Author — My penis is incredibly small, but,


Bush was so funny, like besides the war crimes and Great Recession he was a funny dude

Author — Hugh G. Rection


What kind of question is “how has the national debt affected you?” That’s not how the national debt works. It doesn’t affect anyone directly but if it grows to a unsustainable amount then creditors will stop lending to the US government which would cause an immediate recession and likely very many problems afterwards. That’s why it’s important.

Author — matthew boyer


2:43 When you realize Romney had a hot take.

Author — Notorious Maddox


Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy, I knew Jack Kennedy, he was a friend of mine.
Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy!

Author — Kevin Jackson


I hate Romney but he was right about Russia

Author — Jeff1990


Obama: “Russia is not our biggest threat. The 1980’s called and they want their foreign policy back.”

Dems 4 years later: “Russia Russia Russia 😭”

Author — T.J. Back


Obama, although some of his policies i disagree with, is easily a like able guy and I’m pretty sure most people would agree.

Author — Jacob Goldberg


“Because you’d be in jail”

Even Hillary too a second as if she was saying, “touché”

Author — Sonic Adventure