Erdogan visits al-Aqsa mosque, meets Shalom

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1. Exterior of Al Aqsa mosque compound
2. Israeli security in the alley leading to the Al Aqsa compound
3. Religious figures awaiting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
4. Convoy of Erdogan arriving
5. Erdogan greeting religious figures
6. Erodgan walking with group towards the compound
7. View of Al Aqsa mosque
8. Erdogan arriving at the compound of the Al Aqsa mosque accompanied by his wife
9. Erdogan entering compound
10. Erdogan entering mosque
11. Erdogan touring compound
12. Various photo opportunities of Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and Erdogan


Guarded by scores of Israeli and Palestinian security officials, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday visited the Al Aqsa Mosque, Islam's third-holiest site and one of the most politically sensitive areas in the region.

Erdogan, in the region on a two-day visit, is meeting Palestinian leaders on Monday.

He held talks with Israeli leaders on Sunday in an effort to repair strained relations with the Jewish state.

In a sign of closer ties, Israel and Turkey said they would set up a hot line for instant communications on terror threats.

On Monday morning, Erdogan, whose party has its roots in Turkey's Islamic movement, arrived at the disputed site in the Old City known as the Temple Mount to Jews and the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims.

The site, which once held the biblical Jewish Temples and now holds Al Aqsa, is claimed by both Jews and Muslims.

Erdogan was surrounded by dozens of Israeli security guards when he arrived at the compound.

In his trip here, Erdogan, only the second Turkish prime minister to visit Israel, said he hoped to offer himself as a mediator in the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel.

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Respect ERDOGAN!! Allahuakbar!.. From Malaysia..

Author — Sue Sue82


Turkey always stands for truth. May Allah help in liberating Masjid Al Aqsa. Love Turkey and may Allah help palestinians in their hard work of protecting the Masjid.

Author — Junaid Mohammed


al aqsa will be liberated by Muslims insha Allah very soon

Author — Ri Ju


Osmanlı will be back one day again. Turks will be back again one day.
Every nation, every religion will live together peacefully again.



Long live India 🇮🇳
Long live Palestine 🇵🇸
Long live Turkey🇹🇷



we love you Mr Erdogan, Im from Indonesia, Indonesia love Mr Erdogan

Author — Intan Rahmila


i love it mr erdogan..from indonesia..

Author — Andika Putra Andi


the prime minister of Turkish Mr Ordogan is the best leader who exist in this century.

Author — Ali Foodare


Visit to Former Ottoman Land.InsyaAllah there and back again.

Author — Last Caliph


Aleppo is waiting for your army, Mr. Erdogan....! It's emergency....they're only 25 kilometers from yours...May Allah bless us...(Salam from Indonesia)

Author — Muhammad Norman


zabih Ullah from Afghanistan ordughan is good Muslim leader

Author — Zabi Khost


Love you Erdogan sir...frm Kashmir....

Author — Arif Ganai


May Allah bless u Mr.Presiden. Greetings from indonesia

Author — Chef Google


allah ishalla protect you and all peoples in worlrd iahalla

Author — Ahmed Abdul


I appeal to Mr Erdogan and his visionary leadership to help end of civil war in Afghanistan, please use his knowledge and influence to bring about a true unity in Afghanistan. My heart cries for the disunity within Muslim Ummaah.

Author — Fawad and Family videos


i love ottoman / MAHMOOD from BANGLADESH

Author — zubair mahmood


We killed you israil ... Love and respect for PALASTINE FROM PAKISTAN. ♡

Author — KaGaZ k PHoOoL


Erdgon the really great hero.
Lot of love for erdgon of pakistan

Author — Sikander Shaheen


boy scout, don't talk nonsense and (PM)

Author — Ali Foodare


you are my hero i love Erdogan i love Turkey.ya allah bismillah

Author — RAMBO C.A.N