President George W. Bush goes one-on-one with Dana Perino

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Former President George W. Bush speaks with Dana Perino about the importance of honoring our veterans on 'The Daily Briefing.' #FoxNews

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Bush taught me that democrats and these old guard republicans are just two sides of the SAME coin, TRUMP 2020!!!!

Author — Steven Nolan


All the Bushes were involved somewhat in evil doings!

Author — nrm swen


THATS George Bush??? Geez, aged a lot since his dad funeral when he got that letter😜

Author — D C


How many of those warriors are wounded because of wars the swamp creatures got us into..?

Author — Eric S.


And his brother thought we would vote for 4 more years of Bushism? 😂😅😉

Author — ASG66


He seems like a nice guy. I don't trust him one bit.

Author — No! I'm Here To Warn You !


Bush how many people did you murde over 3000 in one day?

Author — Vin Commons


I wanted this man to be like Trump. But he wasn't.

Author — Ruth P


The guy who started the big mess in the middle East. At a cost of trillions of dollars and thousands dead.

Author — stromada1


Remember no weapons of mass distrusting ever found, he sold use

Author — Anetta Locke


I can’t even watch this, remember when he called the brave minute men who were risking their lives at the border, vigilantes?

Author — Done Deal


Dang, he's looking more and more like his dad!!!

Author — L.A. W.


It was Reagon not Bush who told GORBACHOV TEAR DOWN THIS WALL.

Author — glockumollie


Why didn’t Bush clean up the VA as President?

Author — Mark S


Bush was Deep State but heard sing like a bird

Author — Charlotte Grove


You don't have to be a demorat to be deep state bush is proof of that.

Author — shep


He's trying to pull a sympathy card before he's exposed lol

Author — Erika E


When the Berlin Wall fell W was drinking and snorting up a storm. He is probably telling the truth that he can't remember.

Author — sam phi


This comment sections woke af.. Keep it up true patriots... Until all the elites are tried for treason.

Author — Bobby Boyer


If he's being paraded around he must be getting ready to take a big public relations hit.

Author — Chris Brumbaugh