Cardinal Dolan sounds off on New York's 'hideous' abortion law

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Cardinal Dolan sounds off on New York's 'hideous' abortion law4.5
The archbishop of New York speaks out on 'Fox & Friends' on calls to excommunicate Catholic Gov. Cuomo over New York's new legislation that legalizes abortion up to birth. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews

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I am a Catholic. And i hope our bishop will be more tough and just excommunicate these murderers.

Author — Michael O


Where in the hell is his Humanity? Do any of these Democrats that did backflips on the signing of this atrocious bill think about their Humanity. Killing of an innocent... Good God! The church should be ashamed but yet then again they did help the Nazis World War II. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Disgusting!

Author — Donald Zorniger


Walls are immoral, but murdering babies is a woman's "right." Truly sick.

Author — monkeygraborange


Cuomo doesn't need to be excommunicated ....he needs and exorcism person is subhuman that has an evil demon within him...Demoncrat

Author — ElmwoodParkHulk


New York is a demon state and if the people do not react by stopping this, they will be judged.

Author — Sennie White


Cardinal Dolan is weak and spineless and a liberal and cozies up to these N.Y. politicians to be liked !!! Shame. A Catholic bishop should be standing Strong and Firm on principle no matter what his popularity with media or politicians !!! The Red that you wear Cardinal means you would defend the church and her teaching even if by shedding your blood instead you’re beating around the bush and play with words. Shame.

Author — ph Ydtd


Without punishment, the laws of the Catholic Church are utterly pointless and thus the entire church is pointless. Words are not enough.

Author — shrek is love


That lunatic Cuomo is a cold-blooded murderer. He has destroyed my city!!!

Author — Lady Glitter Sparkles


that's all it New Yorkers and the entirety of the USA is at shame now. Murders that's all they supporting.

Author — Jasson Martinez


Come on Cardinal! Cuomo needs to be ex-communicated from the Church.

Author — Chrys Milhouse


It's not at all about "WOMEN'S EQUALITY"
It's all about killing
The most vulnerable defenseless babies, human beings created by the CREATOR created in His Own Image.

Author — insuk barton


This whole thing is about money, plain and simple. The politicians won't speak of it, but if you do your research, you will discover that a fetus (depending on level of development) is worth about $40k at time of abortion. A fully developed infant is worth about $100k. Substantially more money for body parts for research and probably things even more gruesome that we don't want to think of. We already know that Planned Parenthood sells aborted fetuses for money to the highest bidder, and that has basically been ignored by the MSM and most of society. We will all be judged for this abomination. Those who put this into law and cheered, and those of us who stood around and said "oh, how terrible" and then did nothing to stop it.

Author — R George


Dolan is a coward! He couldn't even answer the question of receiving Communion?! It is a no brainer, Dolan could have at least have said that one cannot receive Communion while in a state of mortal sin. Dolan is a coward.



Dolan is a COWARD by not recommending him to be excommunicated.

Author — benzman500sl


Shame on you Cardinal Dolan for not taking a stand against this evil aka the Governor.

Author — Man of Red Earth


I'm a Catholic and I'm disgusted by the spinelessness of the church

Author — Stella Koh


If this archbishop had any courage, he'd excommunicate Cuomo and any other Catholic who voted for this law. But don't expect ANYTHING of value from the Catholic Church.

Author — SwissArmy1984


Liberals will fight tooth and nail to save moss growing on a rock near a hiking trail or preserve territory for Caribou during mating season. But have no problem with killing humans. Disgusting

Author — Joe F


He needs to be Excommunicated because the scandal he has brought to the Church. The Cathechism of the Catholic Church speaks clearly on this issue under chapter II. Respect for the Dignity of Persons, especially number 2287 Anyone who uses the power at his disposal in such a way that it leads others to do wrong becomes guilty of  scandal and responsible for the evil that he has directly or indirectly encouraged.

Author — Carlos Ortiz


Up until the day of the babies birth?
You cannot be serious
That has to be a mistake surely? I know some don’t hold human life with much reverence but even for a leftist utopia that seems a little extreme

Author — Lennie Godber