Cardinal Dolan sounds off on New York's 'hideous' abortion law

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Cardinal Dolan sounds off on New York's 'hideous' abortion law4.5
The archbishop of New York speaks out on 'Fox & Friends' on calls to excommunicate Catholic Gov. Cuomo over New York's new legislation that legalizes abortion up to birth. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews

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Walls are immoral, but murdering babies is a woman's "right." Truly sick.

Author — monkeygraborange


Oh my God... these people are lost in the darkness. God help this country. EVIL IS REAL

Author — Corek BleedingHollow


You get in more trouble killing a dog... insane times call for insane action.

Author — Pagan Posse


Its time cardinal Dolan starts speaking up or he needs to step down and let a real catholic defend our faith!

Author — Rosie Girl


Look at those demons celebrating in applause. Cuomo must be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

Author — Man in The Wilderness


I'm a Catholic and I'm disgusted by the spinelessness of the church

Author — Stella Koh


We must raise up!!! Evil prevails when a few good men and women do nothing! GOD IS

Author — MAGA TRUMP2020


Ephesians 5:6

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

Author — Death Cometh


When they said you can have an abortion the day of the babies birth a started crying
This is horrific

Author — Hi


The Democrats need baby blood for their satanic blood rituals.

Author — James Klopotic


Do your duty and excommunicate the governor and stop being an accomplice.

Author — Sir Tom


It isn't women's equality; it is women's supremacy. The man, whose genetic content is 50% a part of his child, is having his right denied. The baby, who would be a viable child at this point, is being murdered and has no chance to fight back against having its skull crushed, being dismembered, or scalded. What sort of horrific society not only permits that, but promotes it and is proud of it. I feel that people should think twice before wasting tourist dollars on New York. If a woman gets more than one late abortion, she is, in my ethical viewpoint, a serial killer. I wonder what the Pope thinks of this horrible law.

Author — Heidi Elle


This cardinal needs to fight for these babies. These babies need to live. A life's a life.

Author — Dalia Lule


The Catholics still let that Cuomo butcher into their churches. Disgraceful. This is an atrocity.

Author — Will to Power


This is what being an impostor looks and acts like!

Cuomo and all those who identify themselves as "Catholics" who belligerently support infanticide and euthanasia, are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER, A MALEVOLENT THREAT to all infants and elderly and society at large in their state including all their followers! This IS WAR, people!

Excommunication IS the remedy in this instance. They NEED the strong and powerful spiritual guidance of the Church in this matter...Excommunication = NO, DON'T GO THERE!

Each one separates themselves from God by gravitating to such grievous sins.

Such "laws" are BAD LAWS and reflect the fallen natures of all those involved.

Author — Kate


I am a Catholic. And i hope our bishop will be more tough and just excommunicate these murderers.

Author — Michael O


So "mansplaining", "microaggression" and not using transgender pronouns is evil - but murdering babies is a thing to be celebrated with high fives. Women bang on and on about male violence while happily murdering tens of millions of human beings. I find it interesting that when a woman wants the pregnancy she describes it as her baby\unborn child and talks and sings to it. When it's unwanted it's suddenly no longer a baby or even human, just a thing to be ripped apart and thrown in the rubbish bin.

Author — M Donkus


If a Catholic Church member does not appose this 100% they should be excommunicated at once. Hell has a special place for baby killers and for those that condone it.

Author — USARMYvietnamVET1969


Gods wrath will come upon this nation after this...

Author — Ceifadores- Palavra Viva de Deus Vera


Liberals will fight tooth and nail to save moss growing on a rock near a hiking trail or preserve territory for Caribou during mating season. But have no problem with killing humans. Disgusting

Author — G S F