Ruto warns IG Mutyambai in engaging in politics as he receives heroic welcome in Kisii county

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Deputy president William Ruto has urged the inspector general of police Hilary Mutyambai to turn down politically leaning assignments. Ruto who was in the county of Kisii to preside over a boda boda operators and mama mboga event, challenged the inspector general of police as well as other public servants to avoid being used by politicians. Before his arrival, there were running battles as rival boda boda groups clashed over the visit, forcing the police to use tear gas to disperse them.

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H.E WSR ( The Hustlers Clerk). Hustlers need you for real

Author β€” bissong collins


Who said there is Covid in Kenya uhuru fungua Mahali umefunga you can see by your self who is minding masks here let those who die die wacha kufungia watu mabiashara zao

Author β€” Peter Njuguna


heroic welcome my ass..kenyans have a tendency of kushangilia kila mtu...

Author β€” khalid ahmed


Yes we l Love you mr ruto come 2022πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™God blesse you more πŸ™πŸ™β€β€β€

Author β€” Sheila m June 123


Mtu anasema ati ruto anacampain before 2022 ...wat about hii upuzi ya bbi iz it not a plan

Author β€” alilantez_music


People are quick to advise the IG, I wonder what happened? when this was happening to ODM supporters before the elections, this same voices were extremely mute.

This world is a sowing ground, what we sowed yesterday unto others surely we will reap today, it's only a matter of time nature starts responding back, the events taking place are beyond IG, and He is innocent unfortunately he cannot fight against the forces of nature.

Let's not be quick to advise the IG but let us have a flashback what we did yesterday, nature has its own way to equalise and that is just nature, I think some people somewhere call it "Karna"

If truly leadership is from God why do we fight? Why why?

My prayer is that the Wisdom and Knowledge of God will guide our leaders to lead us peaceably and their decisions will be guided by the counsel of God.

Author β€” Vincent Miruka


What goes around comes around. Wakati ukitumia polisi kupiga watoto wa nursery tear gas hukujua kuna leo na kesho?

Author β€” Sankofa man


Come 2022 Ruto will be our president. This is God chosen.

Author β€” Benjamin Maritim


When ODM was being Oppressed by the System & Deep State, DP-WSR & the Kalenjin nation never Spoke. Have a small doze of your own bitter medicine...!

Author β€” Mutemi Muinde


people will vote but system will appoint their leader



Brother willy, , eendelea kuzaidia ma hustlers that is very much welcomed..nobody should stop you to give help or assistance to people who are needy and willing to receive...siasa kado pple are hungry for food, , nobody will be able to stop them receive from one willing to give...how is that?

Author β€” Anne Kariuki


our president come 2022.. Mt. Kenya we love Ruto

Author β€” steven wanjohi


Watanzania tumuige Mwalimu Nyerere ambae alituonya kuwa tusiwachague viongozi kwa ajili ya vyama vyetu, Tusiwachague viongozi kwa ajili ya Dini zetu, Tusichague viongozi kwa ajili ya kabila zetu. Magufuli amewatenga Watanzania kwa kutopeleka maendeleo mahali alipo mbunge wa upinzani. Anajisahau kuwa CCM, CHADEMA, ACT, CUF, CHAUMA, NCCR, TLP, na wengine ni walipa kodi. Huu ubaguzi alioanzisha Magufuli kwa kisingizio kuwa yeye ni mcha Mungu kutamtafuna. CCM inaendekeza "UFISADI" kwa sababu mgombea anaegombea ubunge kwa kutoa rushwa kwa w2ana vijiji atakapoingia madarakani lazima ahakikishe anarudisha fedha zake. Serekali ya Tanzania inatumia huduma wanazopaswa kuwapelekea Watanzania kama fimbo ya kuwapatia viongozi wabovu. Rais Magufuli anadiriki kusimama hadharani na kusema "KAMA HAMTACHAGUA MADIWANI NA WABUNGE WA CCM HAMTAPATA MIRADI YA MAENDELEO" na bado watu wanasema Magufuli ni mnyenyekevu na Mcha Mungu. Watanzania tulipata bahati ya ugonjwa wa COVID19 kupungua nchini kutokana na hali ya hewa na pengine kutokana na vyakula tunavyokula. Kiukweli ni kwamba Rais Magufuli alichofanya ni kuwatishia madaktari wa Serekali kuwa wakiwa wakweli kueleza idadi ya watu wanaokufa atawafukuza kazi. Hii haikuwa na maana Watanzania tunajua kuomba Mungu zaidi ya Majirani zetu. Mnataka kuniambia Watanzania tunajua kusali sana kuliko Wakenya. Kumbukeni mipaka ya Tanzania na Kenya ni mirefu sana kuanzia Mkoa wa Mara kule Lake Victoria mpaka Tanga kwenye bahari ya Hindi. Mungu ametoa upendeleo wa aina gani kwa Tanzania tusiwe na wagonjwa lakini Majirani zetu wa Kenya wawe na wagonjwa hadi leo. Hakuna Daktari Tanzania anaweza kukukubalia kuwa katika Hosipitali yake kunawagonjwa wa Korona. Anaogopa kutoa taarifa hizi kwa hofu ya kupoteza ajira yake. Kwa ujumla Watanzania wote wakiwepo mpaka Mawaziri, Mashehe, Maaskofu, Wachungaji, Viongozi wa Hosipitali, Wakuu wa Mikoa, Wakuu wa Wilaya, na viongozi wa vijiji na vitongoji ni watu waliojaa hofu. Toka mwaka 2015 Magufuli alivyoingia madarakani alifukuza wafanyakazi 15, 008 kwa visingizio kuwa hawana vyeti, na wengine wana vyeti feki. Badae aliajiri watu wake zaidi ya 10, 000 wa kufuatilia Matajiri wenye fedha nyingi. Matajiri hawa wengine walipofuatwa hawakukubaliana na sera za Magufuli hivyo wengine walifungwa magerezani na wengine kuuwawa na watu "WASIOJULIKANA". Kikundi hiki cha Ikulu kimekuwa kikitumika kuwaua, kuwateka na kuwapoteza kabisa viongozi wa vyama vya upinzani. Ndio maana Magufuli hata siku moja hajawahi kukemea matukio haya. Magufuli amekuwa akitumia kikundi hiki kuwanyanyasa viongozi wa upinzani ikiwa ni pamona kuwapiga hata kwa risasi au mapanga. Jambo la kushangaza hata viongozi wa Dini sasa hivi wana hofu kwani wengine hata Passport zao zimezuiliwa na Serekali na wengine wameshauriwa kuwa wagombea kwenye majimbo ya upinzani ili kuwatoa watu wanaomhoji hoji kazi anazofanya bila kupitishwa na bunge na pengine bila mahesabu yake kuwa ya wazi. Magufuli anauliza risiti za watu wanaokunywa chai hotelini lakini yeye hakubali kuulizwa risiti za ndege alizonunua na kuwa fedha zimetokana na pato gani kiserekali. Watanzania tunaishi kwa hofu sana mimi namshangaa mwenzetu "TUNDU LISSU" kuwa pamoja na kupigwa risasi na watu "WASIOJULIKANA" bado anao uwezo wa kumhoji Magufuli. Watanzania wengi tuliko nchini "TUMEFYATA MIKIA"

Author β€” EVANS MLALO


kama vile jubilee mulimuruhusu criss msando afanye kazi yake? ruto we are not kids, cheat those villagers sio sisi ambae tulienda shule

Author β€” karanja kamau


Watu gani unaongelee ruto a you not a government? I don't understand siasa ya Kenya ni Mavi ya kuku kapisa yani wewe ni government or opposition. make people to understand you ruto siasa mpaya maisha bad

Author β€” Paulinamaa Masitsa


Ruto is undermining matiangi he is afraid of the superminister ndio ameenda kisii kugawa peanuts pesa za wizi

Author β€” Francis Waweru