World War Three 'a risk', says UK defence chief

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General Sir Nick Carter, the chief of UK's defence staff, says there is a 'risk' of another world war.

He said history 'has a rhythm' and some of today's regional conflicts could see 'see escalation lead to miscalculation' and then 'full-blown war'.

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Headline is a disgrace Sky News.
The interview was about remembering our service men and women. Fear, fear and more fear. These media corporations and who owns/funds them needs addressing 😡

Author — Robbie Parker


The only thing that we ever learn from history, is that we never, ever learn from history!!

Author — STUDIO


the dislikes aren't for him, they're for Sky News.

Author — Kaz KarrottePeeler


This woman has the intellectual and spiritual capacity of an omelette

Author — Lock Down Society


if we go to war, it should be against the media.

Author — Raptor Jesus


Another journalist shamelessly drumming up panic and twisting the points that this gentleman is trying to put across.

Author — Rob


“Why should people care about remembrance?” What kind of a questions is that, is she stupid 🤦‍♂️

Author — For The Watch


"Why should people care about remembrance" - a woman in the workplace

Author — Scissoroar Scissoroar


He's absolutley right War with Iraq Afganistan Libya and Syria Should Never have happened!!

Author — Razil 1


“Why should we care about remembrance?” What a useless, ignorant woman, lost me straight away.

Author — ItsStevieBoy


God please destroy Mainstream media and it's liars. This is beyond disgraceful!

Author — Kami Tenchi


Disliking because of the journalist. The Chief, however, was great.

Author — Dedition


Lmao there’s already been wars going on around the world
We need to wake the f up

Author — Aadiil


WW3 has already started, and its the so called elites/ governments of this country and around the world have declaired war against all who disagrea with there new world order .

Author — john d


"why should people care about remembrance?"
bruh how is this a question???

Author — fine93


Sky news is a risk to your health and well-being

Author — k k


"top colleague, our foreign affairs editor" is that some sort of joke Sky News?

Author — Andy West


Sky news really needs to learn how to properly make a title.

Author — Commando9


“Why should people care about remembrance?”

Why is this even a question in *any* context

Author — Lord Papi Darkwing


This reminds me of Brass Eye/The Day Today when the news anchor talked the interviewee into starting a war.

Author — Paul Currie