7 amazing technologies we'll see by 2030

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Hollywood's depictions of the future are usually pretty far-fetched — like the flying cars of "Blade Runner" and the hoverboards in "Back to the Future II." The World Economic forum surveyed over 800 experts and executives to find out what the future will actually look like. Here are 7 amazing technologies they think the world will see by 2030.

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Im ok with everything EXCEPT for any type of implant, those just arent necessary. no matter how "convenient" it might make calling a friend, i dont mind taking something out of my pocket and hitting a few buttons

Author — The Modern Investor


Just saying 30 years ago people thought that there will be flying cars by now

Author — nitai matan


2018 : We will get so many technologies in the 2030!
2030: shrek 9 released

Author — Henry - deadAccount


Not sure how I feel about getting a chip implanted in my hand or brain or whatever that can communicate to other people, I mean like, what if u didn't know how to control it and ended telling a bunch of people some dark secret through brain waves, then you'd be screwed

Author — Robbie Robot


It’s 2020, I’ll come back in 10 years to see if these gadgets are commercially available

Author — Daisy XDolly


2020: Don’t worry we will survive corona
2030: We already found a cure 8 years ago

Author — Inevitable Grape


Free WIFI/internet should be accessible wherever you are. That's all I really care about honestly.

Author — Jerry G


Connecting everything to internet and one random hacker hacks the whole internet.
Not very good idea

Author — oRaven -


2019: There'll be some awesome stuff coming up this 2030
2030: Shrek vs Shaggy: The Last N Word Pass

Author — Qwerkiez


I will not implant any chip into my body.
Sorry, not ideal!.

Author — Nova Verse


Me: back in my days, we used cars to go to walmart.

Grandchild: well grandpa, fear no more! We use teleportation now!

Author — Captain Emo


NO : Robots, cars
YEAH : Medical, internet, sneakers

Author — Ulcer and Mulch


The future is i will eat breakfast at 9:00 that's all we know.

Author — ElementROBLOX


free Internet would be lit, I think this will happen

Author — Swift Player


We are going g to keep inventing labor-saving devices until the only job left is to invent more labor-saving devices. Then someone will invent a labor-saving device to invent labor-saving devices, and humanity will just quietly fade away.

Author — Jonah Hillman


1986: We will have flying cars!
2017: England is my city
2030: To be continued

Author — Dr Tippy


2017: There will be high-tech robots!

Author — Aliv3n Nuk3


We already have Artificially Intelligent YouTubers and TwitterBots.

Author — Richman 4066


Humans: experts believe they will be extinct by 2025 and will be replaced by new and better androids

Author — Jacob Childers


Cant wait to live until 2030 tbh, also hope my parents can also live there later

Author — eza zarumi