Any% 16.666s Grubhub Delivery Dance ad Speedrun

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Dude, that point-skip at the end is supposed to be TAS-only. You’re a God.

Author — Clayton Brown


you can actually skip the entire "products give you deals" part by spamming the x button. For some reason it glitches the voice and ends up skipping that entire part. Saves you a couple seconds

Author — Alex Duffus


No one:
My last brain cells figuring out how to use my socks:

Author — Anonymous I have no Name


*Grubhub staff:* "Here's a 30 second ad."
*Betterert:* "16. Take it or leave it."

Author — Dead Knight


omg epic, never thought it was possible to do it in such high speed

Author — Skem


Here’s a tip: To skip the group dancing part you want to jump and pause at the same time and unpause, this will give you a extra 0.22 seconds

Author — Dave the Duck


Hey, there's a glitch on the foot zoom in on purple shirt guy that allows you to clip through the floor into the cutscene where he points at the kid, which greatly reduces rum time. It has a very very specific time where you have to put in the input, and if it fails your run is pretty much doomed do to the fact that it will cause him to fall over if you don't clip, meaning that you'll have to get up, which will take like 120 frames at the 30fps that the standard run category requires you to play on, which essentially runs any chance that you have of succeeding.

Author — The Last Linkachu


Imagine if it doesn't count and the moderators do research and see how unlucky you are to find that hellish ad

Author — Scrumptious


finally someone did the smoothie girl skip

Author — trash panda


Grubhub: *start dancing

Also Grubhub: " *we ain't got no bones kid* "

Author — barbatos_social account


i can't tell if the guy that says "yes" is a child, or a middle aged man

Author — Why


"American Dad Intro enters the chat"

Author — TheInternetVillain


0:05 damn he even went for the risky hip glitch skip strat congrats

Author — Franco augusto Gomez parody


They actually just found a skip where you can skip smoothie girl entirely, it will save u a lot of time

Author — Storm


I’ve never seen salad skip performed so well that was almost TAS level wow

Author — Craig


in 1981: in the future we will have flying cars
40 years later:

Author — A Dog


what the character starts to lag is lag-bound, he moves you 128 frames forward

Author — Loki HorrorKiller


the fucking "YEs" at the end got me

Author — Doctor Rogers


0:10 could've skipped that drinking animation by spamming the jump button right after it starts playing

Author — Nucleenix


I like how this is recommended and at the end its just a kid yelling "YEeSs"

Author — Zaliber