Turkey-Greece Standoff in the Mediterranean Explained

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While in the last video we looked at the current energy supply in Turkey, in this video we want to look at the disputes arising in the eastern Mediterranean. In particular, how unresolved conflicts between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean and Cyprus are affecting the current search for gas fields in the area.

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Sees “turkish” and “greek” in the same video title....
*looks down the comment section*

*grabs popcorn*

Author — Perturbator Abe


This is very nicely and fairly presented in my opinion. The animations and everything also looks incredible. Great video.

Author — Spaghetti Road


I am Turkish but not here to argue, rather to read the comments

Author — za


Mean while china : whole South China is mine

Author — Sahilali Saiyed


Love it! You should do Armenia and Azerbaijan next!

Author — Eitan Seitchik


I like how you mentioned the arrangement for India and Sri Lanka and how they settle for a median. I'm from the South Indian state of Kerala and we regularly hear news of how Sri Lankan fishermen are caught by the Indian coast guard and vice versa because they might be in the wrong zone, and this just makes me think how artificial all these borders are. Here you have ancient fishing communities who are restricted by international treaties they've never seen or participated in and having to spend nights in jail for being on the wrong side of the _water_ ....

Author — Callistine



Author — Liars


I think Neo easily has one of the best intros on youtube

Author — airwickfreshner


6:00 reminds me of the long holliday car trips with my brother in the backseat.
If he did not respect the border in the middle of the car, the war was on.

Author — NorwegianOne


*Meanwhile in South China Sea...*
China: I'm just gonna take a _little_ bit

Author — Tengku Nazran


THIS IS LITERALY A FREE AND EDUCATIONAL FULL DOCUMENTARY... FOR FREE! I actually cannot put into words how much I appreciate the dedication the people/person behind neo has to educating the world for free. I love you guys <3

Author — Bob Ross


You know these problems won't be solved since we're talking about Greece and Turkey. Those 2 names doesn't fit well together.
Edit: Finally the real entertainment begins *grabs popcorn*

Author — BlueStarGaming 2017


The trailer for the new HOU4 expansion: Battle for Bosporus looks dope

Author — Shreshth Kuchhal


I am Turkish and I approve this video. Definitely unbiased view of both sides.

Author — murat aruta


I have to admit this is the most unbiased video I have seen in YouTube on the topic. Great job at showing only the facts and letting the audience to decide and not guide them to conclusions

Author — LNG Mania


Part of treaty of Lausanne was that the Greeks from imbros and tenedos will stay in the islands but turkey didn't keept her promise

Author — DK gamers


Both countries need a "let's work this out" attitude. But that's hard because of ancient rivalry and old hatreds.

Author — Alkis Steas


Not just collided the Greek Frigate Lemnos rammed the new Turkish Frigate, opened a three meter hole in its the side rear, leaving it out of action.

Author — ckomit


Congratulations. The first foreign youtuber who sufficiently and accurately covers the nuances of this issue. I have seen so many "educational" youtubers get it wrong but you managed to give a perfect summary of the situation. Kudos!

Author — michael papadopoulos


So frickin excited
Just let the intro begin

Author — Kiemenkevin Gaming